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Weird Ice Cream from Around the World

Weird Ice Cream from Around the World

weird ice cream from around the world

It's a hot summer day and you're craving a sweet treat. When you pop into the ice cream parlor what do you expect for them to have in store? Ice cream scrolls, fermented shrimp sweet toppings, or syringes filled with sauces? If not, then you're missing out on some of the weirdest, but tastiest ice creams from around the world. Hang on, it's going to get weirder than that with these 12 varieties from around the world.  

Nitro Lab, Australia 

Liquid Nitrogen floats about, guys are dressed in long lab coats, and ice creams cups are riddled with syringes. No need to worry though, these mad scientist are filling the needles with caramel and chocolate sauces.  


Scroll Ice Cream, Australia 

Inspired by Thai street vendors in Phuket, scroll ice cream is Australia's first cold plate ice creamery, according to the company

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10Below Ice Cream in New York City has brought the Australian idea closer to home. The parlor has been open for a year, but the wait is still an hour or more. Your call if the line is worth the novelty. 

A video posted by Dude Princess (@e.nelz) on


Vegemite Flavor, Apollo Bay, Australia 

Vegemite's flavor is meaty and salty. Salted ice cream can really kick up the creamy sweetness, like a pinch of salt in cookies, and isn't unusual for ice cream in itself. Though a meaty flavor seems like an unusual taste for ice cream, unless its sprinkled on bacon bits!  


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Häagen-Dazs in Japan 

Häagen-Dazs is a familiar ice cream brand in the U.S., but the veggie flavor is definitely unique.

Squid Ink Ice Cream, Hakodate Morning Market, Japan 

Squid ink can be used as a dye or to add flavor to food. In one online forum, people debated on the taste. Some found it tasteless, one found it to have a "fishy dirt taste", another an egg taste, while still another stated that it has a "salty deep seafood flavor." If you've tasted this for yourself, end the debate for us in the comments below. 

A photo posted by @geniequek on


Sweet Potato, Green Tea or Swirl in Japan 

Or maybe baked potato is more your style. 


Mentaiko Ice Cream in Japan  

Mentaiko, or the marinated roe (eggs) of pollock and cod is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. In this online forum, a member explained mentaiko ice cream is also common in Korea, just ask for, "myung ran jut."

A photo posted by @herbkins on


Jipangyi Ice Cream, South Korea 

Jipangyi is the Korean name for this ice cream.  The corn shell is an old street food staple, but the ice cream filling is a new concept. The hype started in the city of Insa-Dong, and has reached the Phillippines, New York City and Hawaii. The shell's taste is similar to breakfast cereal and crackers per the article, Snow Factory Korean Pipe Ice Cream


Thunder Bomb at Remicone in Garosugil, South Korea 

Topped with cotton candy and mixed with popping candy, this treat is a party in your mouth. You can also find this unusual sweet in China.

 thunder bolt ice cream

Malaysian ABC 

Also known as Ais kacang, which translates to ice beans. Found in Malaysia and Singapore, this treat consists of shaved ice and red beans topped with a variety of fruity sauces. 

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Bagoong Sauce Mango Ice Cream, Philippines

Bagoong is made of fermented shrimp and can be further enhanced by either sautéing it with garlic and spices or dusting it with white sugar. Travel blogger, Carl Lorenzo, had a cup at Sebastian's Artisan Ice Cream on Katipupan Avenue in Quezon City, Metro Manila. Sweet bagoong was served on top of mango ice cream, which according to him, is a common pairing in the Philippines. The taste overwhelmed his buds, but once he stopped thinking of the shrimp, he enjoyed the flavor.  


A photo posted by Lovelee Tan (@iam_lovelee) on


Dipinn'dots, Norfolk Tides Stadium, Virginia

Remember this delightful ice cream from your childhood? This treat consists of tiny, creamy dots that melt in your mouth. The original balls were multi colored, but now the look has involved to resemble little grey pebbles. Outside of this stadium, you can occasionally find the treat in U.S. malls and movie theaters. 



What ice cream did you find the weirdest? Drop us a comment and let us know. To save this article, pin any of the pictures to Pinterest.  Follow us on Instagram and like our Tree Hut Design page on Facebook.  

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