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Treehut's Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Treehut's Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Tree Hut's Holiday Gift Guide for Him | Wooden Watches and Sunglasses

Buying gifts for guys can be tricky. Even when the gift is for someone very dear and close to you, it can still be hard to find the perfect gift. Here's a tip: think about his type of personality. What kind of lover is he? As in, what does he love to do in his free time? Once you have that figured out, check our gift guide for him. It's broken down by 10 types of guys based on their interests. 

1. Team Sports Lover

In high school, this guy played football, rugby, lacrosse or some equally aggressive team sport. Now that those days are behind him, he loves to watch team sports on TV. He's assertive and confident.  

Treehut Gift guide for him

Team Sport's Lovers Gift Choice - Mina Rustic Amber 

2. Outdoors lover 

This guy is all about outdoor adventure. He loves individual sports like hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. His ideal vacation is camping somewhere remote, with loads of activities. So he can soak in the fresh air. 

treehut's holiday gift guide for him - outdoors lover

Outdoors Lover Gift Choice - All Zebrawood 47 

3. Board lover 

This guy is also a fan of individual sports and nature. But he's more about the boards - specifically surfboards,  snowboards, and skateboards. His style is more laid back. Messy hair, don't care kind of thing. 

treehut's holiday gift guy for him - board lover

Board Lover Gift Choice - Wafar 64 Sunglasses 

4. Luxury lover

A three piece suit is just another outfit for the luxury lover. A three course dinner is just another fabulous meal. Nice cars, toys, vacations, and watches are the apple of his eye. 

treehut's holiday gift guide for him - the luxury lover

 Luxury Lover Gift Choice - Silver Jasper Stainless Steel and Wood Watch 


5. Romance Lover

This guy is all about the romance. He's super considerate of your feelings and cheesy rom-coms are his guilty pleasure. You didn't ask him to watch 50 shades of grey, so you caught him watching it solo. He thinks in grand gestures. This guys is leading an awesome love story and you're the main character. 

shop the all rosewood watch treehutco holiday gift guide for him - the romance lover

Romance Lover Gift Choice - Rosewood 24

6. Comedy Lover 

This guys couldn't be serious if he tried. A smile is permanently plastered on his face. He's all about the laughs and about making you laugh too. Sad stuff repels him faster than Cha Cha repels the mail men. 

Olive Ash Red Treehut's holiday gift guide for him - comedy lover

Comedy Lover Gift Choice - Olive Ash Red.

But what the comedy lover really enjoys about this gift, is the engraving. On the back it says, "Now you'll know how late I am." It's his classic joke- you take forever to get ready. 

7. TV Lover

In his free time, this guys plops down on the couch. He won't stop repping HBO and has seen virtually everything on Netflix. Hands down, he's the TV connoisseur you go to when you just finished a series and are looking for something new. 

Treehut's holiday gift guide for him tv lover

TV Lover Gift Choice - Boyd 

8. City Lover 

This guy is a people person. It's easy for him to be the center of attention, he's a people pleaser. He's all about the urban living and when he plans a vacation, it's to a major city. In his opinion, you just don't get great architecture and thus beauty outside of cities.

                               Treehut's holiday gift guide for him - thrill lover  all ebony theo watch - treehut's holiday gift guide for him - city lover

 City Lover Gift Choice - All Ebony Theo 

9. Art Lover

Whatever his medium - paint, cameras, graphic design programs, this guy is all about art. He has an eye for all things beautiful, yourself included. He's a creative, with a slow but productive process. You can't rush art in his opinion. 

                           Treehut's holiday gift guide for him - Art lover  Tree Hut's theo wooden watch treehut's gift guide for him 2016

Art Lover Gift Choice - Theo 

10. Animal Lover

Sometimes you feel like your competing with his animal buddy for his attention. He is obsessed with his pet and brings it basically everywhere. He seriously calls his pet his best friend, and you're pretty sure the pet gets called cute more than you do. Of course, you can't deny the pet is pretty darn cute. And just like his owner, the pet is a huge sweetheart. 

 Animal Lover Gift Choice - Zero Black

What type of lover is your guy? Does he break the mold? Is he a type all his own? Tell us about him in the comments below. What Tree Hut gift would he love? 

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