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Team Treehut: Our Favorite Adventures and Favorite Wood and Marble Watch

Team Treehut: Our Favorite Adventures and Favorite Wood and Marble Watch

Hey, there! It's Team Treehut.


We are excited to be celebrating 5 years of Treehut this year. As a company based, founded, and inspired by all things travel we thought we'd share a little bit about our favorite adventures and formally introduce ourselves. We hope to continue to inspire all of you adventure junkies as you have inspired us these past 5 years.


Founder & CEO


Hometown: Jinan, China (North part of China, similar weather as New York)

Fun facts about me: I have two fabulous chickens, Coco and Bobo. Coco got wisdom white hair and is named after the same name Pixar movie Coco. Bobo is a little round like a ball and that’s how she got her name.  

Favorite adventure: I very much enjoyed the peace and focus when I was practicing Ashtanga yoga in a small city called Mysore in India. Every morning we started our practice at 5:30am. We had a pet cow that came to visit us daily and ate fresh-cut coconuts on the street every day. 

Next adventure: My mom always wanted to see the glaciers in Alaska. So I am going with Mom on a 7-day cruise to Alaska this summer. 

Favorite Treehut watch: Every watch is my love :P





Hometown: San Francisco, California 

Fun facts about me: Left-Handed, I was an Operating Room Nurse for 20 years

Favorite adventure: My dad, Loren, and I recently visited Mount Denali in Alaska on the trip of a lifetime. He’s very outgoing, so we met many people from all over the world. I really enjoyed hearing his stories and seeing the delight of others as he shared, too. One of his best stories is about when he was a young man in the army and his adventures there. The memories of this trip will last a lifetime and I’ll be repeating his stories to friends and family for years to come!

Next adventure: San Diego, to visit our creative team there :)

Favorite Treehut watch: I’m wearing the Atlas Ebony Black Marble and have been since we made the first prototype. I love the automatic movement and design. It’s a stunning watch and a wonderful gift from my wife, Julia, and our Treehut team. The back is engraved simply  “❤️ Treehut” 



Creative Director


Hometown: Encinitas/Carlsbad California

Fun facts about me: I obsess on design so much that I’ll design/build my own prototypes just for personal use - surfboards, jackets, clothes, etc. Also, I can claim true dork status as I published a comic book some time ago with the help of an established film studio - I literally took it as payment for the script I was writing as it was a dream of mine to publish a comic over a movie, oof!

Favorite adventure: Too many to name but two recent ones stand out: I lived in Indonesia for a couple of years, so naturally, I thought my Indonesian was getting pretty good, so I hired an old boat/junkung driver to take me out to a surf break about a mile or so offshore. I thought I told him to stay around for an hour or so, in the line-up - uhhh pure horror as he puttered off into the opposite direction, an hour later more pure panic and frantic paddling and waving as I could see him a quarter-mile off look around for me where I had drifted from in the current…!

My second recent awesome adventure was my pre-one-year-old baby girl Capulet hiking the trails in Iceland on her own. All the people we met from other countries because they were so puzzled by the sight of it was pretty awesome and a neat memory.

Next adventure: It’s gonna be paper, rock, scissors with my wife:
Capbreton S. France (surf, eat repeat) or a Vanlife trip down the coast of Australia

Favorite Treehut watch: Rise because it’s bold, uniquely modern, but still has a subtle old-world quality that translates to my love of antiques and Scandinavian design. I also adore what’s coming out but can’t say yet, just look for it.



Product Designer


Hometown: Reno, Nevada

Fun facts about me: I want to go skydiving, but I'm scared of heights!

Favorite adventure: My favorite adventure was last year in the Dominican Republic. My girlfriend and our friends went on an off-road trail on the beach that led us to an underwater cave.

Next adventure: Perhaps somewhere in Europe, I enjoyed Spain and would love to visit again!

Favorite Treehut watch: From our new collection



Production Manager


Hometown: Guangzhou, China

Fun facts about me: I like movies, especially detective, criminal and psychological movies.

Favorite adventure: My favorite vacation was my trip with my best friend to Sydney five years ago. Sydney is unquestionably beautiful, clean and safe. The exciting thing for me was experiencing live opera at the Sydney Opera House, one of the world’s leading venues for opera. Another most iconic landmark, the Sydney Harbor Bridge almost instantly captures the attention of a visitor. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is a fantastic viewpoint for sunsets. It was an unforgettable trip in my life.

Next adventure: My next stop is Italy.

Favorite Treehut watch: Odyssey Women’s Walnut Blue Marble





Hometown: Fairfield, California

Fun facts about me: Music festival junkie, travel addict, and fashion enthusiast!

Favorite adventure: My favorite adventure was when 10 of my closest friends and I took a 3 week trip to Europe. We went to Amsterdam, where we danced the day away at PITCH music festival. Rotterdam, where we rode bikes everywhere. Berlin, we learned a great deal of history on WWII. Rome, ate too many carbs. Venice, ate everything pistachio flavor and Barcelona where we spent our days sightseeing and our nights living.

Next adventure: Bali, Indonesia 2020, here I come!

Favorite Treehut watch: Odyssey Womens Ebony Marble






Hometown: Huidong, China

Fun fact about me: I have a super cute dog 

Favorite adventure: I took my dog to Lake Tahoe, he was happier than me. He likes to eat snow, and act like a child.   

Next adventure: Iceland 

Favorite Treehut watch: Theory Rose Gold Pink Marble





Hometown: Taiwan, Teipei 

Fun facts about me: I live for great adventure, and I’m not afraid to explore new things. I’m always searching for positive adrenaline even from the biggest fear of Six Flags roller coasters. And lastly, Apple, She is my everything! J

Favorite adventure: Nothing better than going on a trip and getting lost in nature. I have been to many unexpected places, but a recent trip to Oregon made a great impression. We could see different landscape change as we drove up North. We saw desert, farm lands, to mighty rivers and snowy Shasta Mountain. We went on hikes through Oregon trails, which are very beautiful with so many green pines, mosses, and waterfalls. Our only plan was to find a good location to stop, so we would hang a hammock and feel the fresh air and enjoy nature.

Next adventure: Road trip to Arizona will be my next stop!

Favorite Treehut watch: Odyssey Women’s Ebony Rose Gold



Creative Assistant


Hometown: Troy, Missouri

Fun facts about me: I love rollerblading, boogying to live music, and my two Pomeranians that never stop barking

Favorite adventure: My favorite adventure ever was my recent trip to Bali. My boyfriend and I traveled all over the island, but the highlight was definitely our full-day snorkeling trip around Nusa Penida island. The sea life was unbelievable, and we even had the chance to swim alongside wild giant manta rays. We also stopped by the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud to snag an epic selfie!

Next adventure: My first Euro trip! Headed to Switzerland, Munich (for Oktoberfest), and then down to Italy. So stoked!

Favorite Treehut watch: Modd Ebony Rose Gold Pearl



Creative Assistant


Hometown: Lorain, Ohio

Fun facts about me: I love donuts more than the average person. I am an ocean person the majority of my free time is spent either on a surfboard or with my camera in the waves. I can whistle like a bird.

Favorite adventure:  During a stay in Ocean City, Md I got to see 15-20 foot waves and the roughest water ever due to a hurricane over the ocean. It was some of the strongest wind and most powerful water I had ever seen, I love that experience because it was very humbling and Mother Nature let me know who is boss. 

Next adventure: I have nothing planned, but I really want to go see the milky way in the desert. 

Favorite Treehut watch: Bay Black Marble Ebony





Hometown: Tanay, Philippines

Fun facts about me: I love singing, mural painting, and watching movies/series. I have a dog and four cats. 

Favorite adventure: My most favorite vacation is when we visited our grandma last summer in Ilocos. We had a lot of fun at the beach, we also did a quick hike to view the rock formations, and the highlight of it was when we went to the sand dunes, we did sandboarding and rode a 4x4 rough-riding vehicle that went up and down the steep slopes of the sand dunes, it was a very thrilling experience!

Next adventure: Me and my friends are aiming to visit an Island here in the Philippines called Jomalig Island. It’s an isolated paradise that has fine, golden sand and rich turquoise water. The real challenge will be the transportation because we can’t ride a plane to go there and we have to ride a boat for 6 long hours, but all of the people who have been there said that it’s worth it.

Favorite Treehut watch: Solstice Ebony Rose Gold


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