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Tree Hut Christmas Party Game Ideas

Tree Hut Christmas Party Game Ideas

Christmas. It's time to get together and celebrate! Hosting a party?

Here are some fun party activity ideas that will make your guests feel welcome.   


What are your favorite Christmas party games? Comment below!


1) Funny Christmas Presents: True or Not?

First, make a list of everyone's names at the party with a fill-in-the-blank line next to it. Then have each person state their name and the funniest Christmas gifts they've ever gotten.  As players announce their gifts, write down whether you believe it is true or not next to their name. The person who guesses correct answers is the winner.


2) Penguin Waddle Game

Get into teams of four. For each team, you'll then set up cones 15 to 25 feet apart. The first player starts off putting a balloon between their knees and waddling down to the cone, just like a penguin, and back. When the team member returns, the person must pass the balloon to the next team member. If a team member drops the balloon, they have to restart from the beginning. The first team to have all four members complete the relay wins.


3) Candy Canes

The objective of the game is to be the first to get Four of a kind (ex. four Aces or four Queens.) Once you do, take a candy cane as fast as possible. Then as soon as the first person makes the candy cane, it's a race to see who can grab the remaining candy canes the quickest. The person who doesn't get a candy cane is eliminated from the next round. Continue until one winner remains.



4) 20 Questions: Christmas Edition

One player, the answerer, picks a Christmas themed object but does not reveal this to others in the game. All other players ask the answerer questions which can be answered by a simple "Yes" or "No".  If 20 questions are asked by the players without the correct guess even found, the answerer gets to go again with a new object.



5) Pin The Red Nose on Rudolph

 Just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, print out or draw a picture of a reindeer

We love a good party.  What makes a perfect party favor after all the fun?  A Tree Hut watch 😍🎁


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