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The Best White Elephant Gifts 2017

The Best White Elephant Gifts 2017

The Best White Elephant Gifts

It’s that time again. Christmas is here, and every group you belong to will start having their holiday parties. What’s the most fun thing about the holiday party (other than the adult eggnog)? The White Elephant Gift Exchange!  It’s so much fun, so social and an absolute must for your holiday party whether it’s with friends, family, coworker, or whoever. Everyone loves getting a fresh and unique gift, and it’s always fun to be the guy or girl who brings that coveted present that everyone wants to end up with. Here’s our list of the best white elephant gifts from our own Treehut white elephant’s.


Let us know in the comments below what your favorite White Elephant gift is from our list!

The best gift (yes we’re biased). We love this watch for those special white elephants with your closest friends and family. The ones where you don't mind getting something genuinely lovely for a group you truly care about.  

But we know what you’re all saying. You’ve got a dollar limit on almost all your white elephant events. We’ve got some other favorites (and they aren’t just from Treehut).  Here are our picks for the best affordable white elephant gifts.

This DIY barrel aging system is another great wood gift that we love. It was such a cool present and featured with Treehut watches in a Men's Health article on best-personalized gifts! Check it out here

Another top pick is the Bark Box. This is an absolute winner for every dog lover. Cha Cha, our favorite tripod received one last year and went crazy for it! Rest assured, every dog lover in the group will be fighting for this one. 

For those adventurers out there, there is no better white elephant gift than a headlamp. Always having your hands free when you’re building the campfire or even changing a car tire at night is an absolute game changer. Whether they know it at the time or not, the recipient of this is going to love it!

Check out our pick here

Another affordable gift close to the Treehut family is our customizable bamboo sunglasses. Get a head start on the summer and add your company name, holiday message or whatever you want custom engraved on the arm. These are always a quick pick up in a white elephant. Especially for those of us who live in sunny California!

Our final selection is this hot sauce gift pack. Every group has someone who can’t get enough of the heat. They make a fun gift and are great for the food fanatics of the world. Sure to heat up your white elephant this year.

At Treehut, we love giving gifts and are happy to share some of our favorite selections. Go with any of these, and you’re sure to rock that white elephant this year (Even if it's not one of our watches or sunglasses). From us to you, have a great holiday season and happy gifting!

 For even more inspiration check out Treehut's Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and our website today! 

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