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The Best Treehut Wooden Watches of 2022- A Roundup!

The Best Treehut Wooden Watches of 2022- A Roundup!

2022 has been super kind to us at Treehut as we launched various gorgeous new wooden watches for our Treehut family. We worked day and night to bring you new watch collections. Each watch was designed with love, care, and craftsmanship. We kept your unique personalities and tastes in mind when creating these handmade watches. 

So, without further ado, let's look at our bestsellers and most loved wooden watches from this year! 

3 Best Treehut Wooden Watches for Him 

The variety and range of wooden watches appeal to all kinds of personalities. Wooden watches can be worn by men who like to get their hands dirty and those who wouldn't mind raising a fine glass at dinner parties. Here are some wooden watches for men that have been a crowd favorite in the past year: 

1. North Ebony Zebrawood 

The star of our North Collection, the North Ebony Zebrawood, features a simple Zebrawood dial and an earthy ebony wood case to match. The band perfectly pairs gunmetal steel, zebrawood, and ebony components. 

Treehut Wooden Watch For Men

The watch is perfect for the man who wants to stay in touch with nature and exude sophistication in every move. The back of the watch is engravable with a message of your choice, making it a perfectly sustainable and lightweight gift! 

2. Sierra Walnut Blue Marble 

Next up is our best seller's wooden watch for him from our Sierra collection that has date and time watches for that little detail of formalness. The Sierra Walnut Blue Marble watch features sturdy walnut wood encasing an exquisite blue marble dial. The watch can be used for everyday wear or special occasions. 

Sierra Walnut Blue Marble Wooden Watch for Him

The walnut wood's dark hues and the marble's blue give the watch a perfect look for evening wear. If you're looking for a watch that can go from day to night, you should go for this one! 

3. Odyssey Sandstone Walnut Copper

Our Odyssey collection radiates sophistication and simplicity with the finest details from the pairing of natural walnut wood and Italian marble. The Odyssey Sandstone Walnut Copper watch adds warmer tones to your watch collection. 

Best wooden watch for men

This one is perfect for a man who enjoys his travels and the destination. The dial is cut out from the finest Italian marble and detailed with Roman numerals and copper detailing. Natural and sturdy walnut wood encases the dial and is also featured in the band. 

3 Best Treehut Wooden Watches for Her 

2022 has been the poster year for wooden watches for women. Wooden watches offer elegance paired with sturdiness like no other. There is something super special about owning a handmade wooden watch. Here are the top three wooden watches that were a hit with women this year: 

1. Theory Grey Maple 

The Treehut women gathered together to create a collection that was feminine yet bold, and they came up with our Theory Collection of wooden watches for her. 

The Theory Grey Maple is a bestseller in this category, with elegant, warm grey accents from maple wood and a dial marked with rose gold markings to add light to the overall design. 

Wooden watch for women

The watch is perfect for both day and night wear, and might we add that it will make a gorgeous Valentine's day gift for your girl in the coming year! 

2. Constance Ebony Rose Gold

We look at this design and wonder how we've created something so subtle and strikingly beautiful at the same time. The Constance Ebony Rose Gold wooden watch for women has a dark ebony wood dial adorned with crystals in inspired shapes. 

Constance Ebony Rose Gold Watch for Women

The dial is enclosed in a rose gold stainless steel case and a band featuring both stainless steel and ebony wood. 

This design will turn some heads and add to your style statement for day and night wear! 

3. Paradise Maple Turquoise Marble 

Who doesn't love a bit of color in their watches? The Paradise Maple Turquoise Marble watch for women comes with a refreshingly turquoise marble dial enclosed in a delicate rose gold stainless steel bezel. 

Paradise Maple Turquoise Marble Watch for Women

The second maple wood dial at 6 o'clock is a tiny yet difference-making detail, making the design even more special. 

The strap is made of natural maple wood that perfectly complements the turquoise hues of the dial. These details make a watch equally suitable for night and day wear!

Wrapping Up The Year! 

We thank you all for the love you've shown Treehut this past year. We're excited to bring bigger and better things your way. We also offer customized gift boxes; if you like to gift one of our watches to your loved ones in style? Stay tuned to our social media and this space for new product launches in 2023! 

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