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Stainless Steel in your Everyday Aesthetic

Stainless Steel in your Everyday Aesthetic


For most, including myself, it is a STRUGGLE to find an accessory that meets your everyday aesthetic. I am always asking myself, "how can I look down-to-earth yet embody a chic street feel?!" I truly thought my dream style was unreachable until I found the Stainless Steel+Wood watch collection from! 

After many hours of indecisiveness and tears knowing that I had to limit myself to one watch, I finally decided on the Stainless Steel + Wood Silver Ebony Theo and immediately felt that I had made the right choice. Once my watch was delivered I was like a kid receiving a puppy for the first time, I was so excited. I unwrapped the package and BAM I was instantly pleased and how could I not be? The Ebony Wood inlay is beautifully placed throughout the band as well the watch face, making it a perfect balance of wood and steel. This watch was everything and more that I was looking for, it embodies the feel of nature while at the same time providing a sophisticated/chic look. 

Not only are you getting the best of both worlds with this watch, but it is also super light and easy to maneuver! Which is perfect for anyone who loves to wear accessories on the daily, like me. 


One of the greatest things that has to offer (other than their incredibly rad watches) is the option of having your watch engraved, HOW COOL IS THAT?! They limit you to ten words due to the size of the backplate of the watch, but that gives you plenty of room for creativity!

Stainless Steel + Wood Silver Ebony Theo

I am safe to say that I will be revisiting in my near future for another watch that'll make my style just that much better, and who knows maybe this time I'll venture into their other styles ;) the limit does not exist! 

If you too have been searching for the perfect accessory for your everyday aesthetic, then be sure to grab yourself your very own Stainless Steel + Wood watch from today! If you want to check out more styles they have to offer be sure to check out their  InstagramFacebook, and website! Happy hunting my friends!

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