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How to Host the Most Patriotic 4th of July Cookout

How to Host the Most Patriotic 4th of July Cookout

How to Host the Most Patriotic 4th of July Cookout | Decoration

It's that time of year. Americans, regardless of where they happen to be in the world, unite to celebrate Independence Day and to diss their distant British Heritage. If you're American, you know this feeling well. Only once a year can you post the hashtag #MURICA freely and proudly.

If you're a true American, you also know that attending or hosting a 4th of July BBQ is a must. Read on to learn how to host the most American cookout ever. No one will doubt your loyalty to your country again!



How to Host the Most Patriotic 4th of July Cookout | Decorations

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1. American Flag Placemats: These are a super easy DIY project. Just buy cloth placemats from the Dollar Store and use non-toxic red, white, and blue paint to design them. Or, if you're not feeling like a Pinterest guru, just buy a set (via Etsy) for all your guests. Your table will look instantly put together!

2. Red, White, & Blue Streamers: Nothing says party more than streamers inspired by Old Glory's glory. Hang streamers around the fence, poles, chairs...anywhere they won't get tangled or in anyone's way. The more streamers, the better.

3. Patriotic Drink Tub: Handpaint three galvanized metal tubs with phrases of freedom to commemorate our founding fathers. Serve water in "Life", soda in "Liberty", and beer in "Happiness."



How to Host the Most Patriotic 4th of July Cookout | Activities

1. Grill Together: Food is the #1 most important thing at a cookout, so if you don't want to do all the work yourself, invite the BBQ fanatics in your family/friend group to try their hand at the grill. Barbecueing brings together flavors and families. 

2. Watch Fireworks: Watching fireworks in the distance is 4th of July's greatest tradition. Hopefully, you know of a great fireworks viewing spot near you to visit when the sun sets. Our personal favorite spot is Pier 39.

3. Spend Time with Loved Ones4th of July is about catching up with family and friends above anything else. 



How to Host the Most Patriotic 4th of July Cookout | Recipes

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1. Patriotic Snack Mix: This is the perfect snack mix for kids and adults alike. Include Chex mix, M&Ms, almonds, and 4th of July candy corn for the ideal blend of sweet and savory.

2. Greek Yogurt & Dill Potato Salad: Potato salad is part of the American experience. While we have freedom to eat what we want, treat your body right with this low cal, big flavor appetizer.

3. Grilled Steak with Mushrooms, Blue Cheese, and Onions: Steak is another American (and summer) classic that can be easily cooked on your outdoor BBQ. Love the sound of crackling and popping as it cooks.

4. Festive Deviled Eggs: Classic deviled eggs with a patriotic twist. These brightly colored eggs are easy to make and easier to eat.


How to Host the Most Patriotic 4th of July Cookout | Dessert Recipes

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1. Star Spangled Rice Krispie Treats: These Rice Krispie treats are made easily with a star-shaped cookie cutter and some drizzled candy melt. 

2. Red, White, and Blue Cake Batter Dip: Who would have thought of dipping strawberries into delicious cake batter? Just sprinkle the mix with red, white, and blue sprinkles when you're finished and voila!

3. Patriotic Pretzels: The American Flag's stripes inspired these red, white, and blue pretzel sparkler wannabes. Enjoy the spark of flavor in your mouth! 

4. Old Glory Oreo Pops: Cake Pops taken to the next level? Count me in!



How to Host the Most Patriotic 4th of July Cookout | Alcohol Drink Recipes

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1. Buzzed Strawberry Bites: Are these dessert or drinks? Try them to find out. ;)

2. #MERICA Slushie: The bright colors alone make this drink worth the hangover the next day.

3. White Sangria: And for the wine drinkers out there, enjoy America's birthday with class. The natural color of the strawberries, pears, and blueberries make this chiller perfect for the holiday.



How to Host the Most Patriotic 4th of July Cookout | Accessories

Lastly, no 4th of July is complete without the perfect ensemble to match the day's festivities. 

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1. A Festive WatchOur wood watches come in blue, red, and...bamboo. 

2. American Flag Nails: If you've got artistic flair, try painting your nails yourself. If not...treat yourself to a manicure. America's birthday is your birthday too!

3. Stars and Stripes Hairbow: Very Rosie the Riveter-esque. No such thing as a bad hair day with one of these -- especially if you're going to be outside all day.


Will you be hosting a 4th of July Cookout this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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