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How Do You Want to Say I Love You?

How Do You Want to Say I Love You?

Ever have a romance with a foreign HUNK of a man who unfortunately can't speak your language?! Well... me neither. BUT! That doesn't mean our fantasies won't come true in the near... far future. Let's take a minute to think about our dreamy, exotic love, mmmm now that's a good image. BUT WAIT, once we find this mystical creature how we will be able to express our love to them? All hope is lost if you stop reading this blog here and now. Stick with me and I will teach you how to make your heartthrob melt for you with just three simple words, I LOVE YOU




Can you imagine yourself sipping on a delicious café au lait in the heart of Paris as the man of your dreams is sitting beside you whispering sweet nothings in your ear... "Ma chérie, it's trop belle... he t'adore" and you just respond with a blank stare and nod? WAY TO RUIN THE MOMENT. This is your time to show him that NOT ONLY can you speak his language, but you also care for him as he does you. So this is what you do, you slowly take one last sip of your coffee, turn your head, and whisper "Je time" (pronounced "juh-tem") and then BAM you'll have him squirming in his seat unable to resist you! 




Imagine this! You are cruising through Barcelona with a DREAMY Spaniard who can't take his eyes off of you. What do you do?! This is when you show him your efforts to speak his native tongue and express your feelings by simply saying "Te Amo" (pronounced "teh-ahmo"). You'll have him stopping in his tracks mesmerized by you within seconds!  


 Irish (Gaelic)


Even though the odds of you falling in love with a beautiful Irish lad who can speak English is VERY high, you still may need to impress his mother someday! A simple "I love you" turns into "Gráim Thú" (pronounced "Gram You"). Before you know it, his mother will be sliding secret family recipes to you under the dinning room table. YOU'VE MADE IT!




One day you're in the heart of Berlin sharing a bratwurst and pint with your man and suddenly you have an overwhelming feeling of love and you must express your feelings right then and there! But wait, you want it to be special and surprising, what do you do? Surprise him with a little "I love you" in German! Even if your pronunciation is not perfect, he will still love you even more for trying. So here it is, you simply say "Ich liebe dich" (pronounced "Ish lee-bub dish") and you will have him wrapped around your finger within seconds!    




There's nothing in this world like riding on the back of an Italian man's Vespa, eating Gelato, and riding off into the sunset. Am I right or am I right?! It's been known that men from Italy have a strong reputation for being flirtatious. Well, can you imagine what could be more flirtatious and sexy than telling your Italian hunk you love him in his mother tongue! "Ti Amo" (pronounced "tee-ahmo")! Two simple words, but so much passion behind it!  



We all have that dream of being swept off our feet while cruising around the Greek Islands. Not a bad dream to have! Once that dream turns into a reality you have to be prepared to bring out the big guns when you want to drop those three words, I love you. Even though written in Greek above, the phrase "I love you" is also written as "Se Agapó" (pronounced "say ah-gah-pó"). With this, you will be swimming off into the sunset with your gorgeous Greek god in no time! 


 Say it with a Treehut Watch!



Feeling a bit of stage fright when it comes to saying the BIG three? Well don't fret, express your love with a #treehutco watch! Tell them how you want to say I love you with a beautiful engravement from yours truly. You can find this watch and plenty more designs on our site today! 

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