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Horizon Collection: Of Marble and Men | Modern Wooden Watches

Horizon Collection: Of Marble and Men | Modern Wooden Watches


Chase the horizon.


The muse behind our Horizon Collection for men is the guy who dares to do what everyone secretly wants to do. He’s knocking on your door, inspiring your next random road trip or happily offering you his spare plane ticket to somewhere halfway around the world. Just because--and why not?


Perfectly pairing the elegance of marble with the warm masculinity of wood, the Horizon collection goes well with, well, that special person who’s always chasing new horizons.



So what sets it apart from our marble watches for men, you ask? It’s all in the details. Slightly elongated lugs lend a subtle, structural look to the case. A stainless steel rim that enhances the dial like the ring of an eclipse. Corresponding stainless steel links that neatly reinforce the band.


Overall, an everyday marble-wood watch that’s even more lightweight than what you’ve been used to.



Our special batch of marble rock, with its mysterious veining pattern, ensures that every cut tells a unique story from any other. To emphasize the marble’s beauty, what you get is a dramatic minimalist stone dial, with its steel rim (etched with hour markers) set into all-natural, classic Treehut wood frame.


This special combination creates a halo effect reminiscent of viewing the earth from space. Dressed up or down, day or night, this inspired look fits in anywhere, adding a splash of graphic detail to a minimalist wardrobe, or playing up more eclectic patterns.


The look can be worn on two different bands: wood reinforced by stainless steel in an interlinking pattern or genuine leather. Either way, both band types are designed to lend a sleek look and feel.


What you get with this collection is an abundance of color combos for every persuasion--even those you didn’t see coming.



In addition to classic choices like ebony with black marble and gunmetal accents or ebony with white marble and gunmetal accents, we have pleasant surprises like gold stainless steel on black marble and zebrawood or rose gold against blue marble and walnut wood.


Many of these colors are inspired by top-selling men’s watches, re-imagined with the natural elements and design details we’re known for. We get a certain delight in including those oh-so-soft touches of rose gold in this collection--because well, why not?



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