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Help Treehut Give Back to the Community

Help Treehut Give Back to the Community

help treehut give back to the community

Here at Tree Hut, we're nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. We believe in the importance of environmental awareness and in giving back to the community. That's why, whenever possible, we source our wood from FSC certified wood. That's also why we need your help in picking the right charity to support. Here's our top 5 options in no particular order. 

1. Keep the Ocean Heathy

The Ocean Conservatory focuses on addressing ocean acidification, restoration and oil-spill recovery in the Gulf of Mexico, and protecting the Arctic ecosystem against damaged caused by increased shipping and oil and gas exploration.#oceanconservation 


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Disclamer: Though this is not a sea turtle pictured below, the next charity is focused on Sea Turtles. Please keep this in mind when voting! 

2. Save the Sea Turtles 

The Sea Turtle Restoration Project protects and restores endangered sea turtles and marine biodiversity worldwide.

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 3. Support Clean Energy Solutions 

The Union of Concerned Scientists is focused on clean energy solutions, global warning, and the puzzles of large-scale food production.

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4. Plant a Tree  

The goal of is to plant a billion trees in the U.S., China and Brazil by 2025.

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 5. Stand against GMOs 

The Friends of the Earth group supports more than just GMO labeling. Those who oppose widespread adoption of nanotechnology, genetically engineered foods, and human gene patenting will appreciate FOE’s clear stance and advocacy.

EWG is known for researching and spreading awareness regarding toxic chemicals, sustainable versus exploitative agricultural practices, consumer product safety, and corporate accountability. Right now, EWG promises that monetary gifts will be doubled through a matching campaign. This is a good pick for those with a passion for clean food. 

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Help Tree Hut Give Back to the Community 

We love customer input because having an open dialogue ultimately keeps our customers heard and happy. So we want your input. What charity speaks to you the most. What support do you think our planet needs most? Give us your vote by leaving a comment below, on facebook, or instagram. (Or on all three if you feel strongly for a one charity!) 

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