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5 Healthy & Fun Bamboo Facts

5 Healthy & Fun Bamboo Facts

bamboo facts

Nature is amazing, and bamboo is no exception. It's durable and enduring. Like the tip of an iceberg, there's more to Bamboo than what appears. Check out these 5 little known facts on bamboo.  

1. Bamboo is Earth's fastest growing plant. The recorded growth rate is 47.6 inches in just 24 hours. 


2. Bamboo is more durable than mild steel. The tensile strength, or the resistance of a material to breaking under tension, is 28,000 psi for bamboo vs. 23,000 psi for mild steel. Durability is important when your out bungee jumping, backcountry snowboarding, and mountain biking through rough terrain. Or whatever adventure you're taking your watch on.



 3. Since Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, it grows organically, free of pesticides and even fertilizer. Pesticides are increasingly linked to cancer, concluded the article Pesticides, Herbicides and Cancer: The Link Is Getting Clearer. In a world where almost everything you were contains carcinogens- like cotton, wool, and dyed clothing according the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as reported by Live Science, you can be glad bamboo isn't on this list. 

Bamboo Noir 

4. Bamboo tolerates extreme conditions. So much so that it was the first plant to revive post the atomic blast in Hiroshima in 1945. Enduring extreme weather is important, when you and your time keeper are jet setting from icy mountain tops to fiery hot beaches. 

 Bamboo Nova

5. Bamboo is not a tree. It is actually a grass. But Bamboo Hut just didn't have the same ring to it. Why is it categorized as a tree and not grass? Just to prove you can't judge a character by his looks. Just like bamboo, our watches are more than just a pretty face. They're hard workers-overtime is a way of life. And though they look nothing like dogs, they're super dependable and want to stay by your side. (So put one of your wrist and keep it there!) 


Can't get enough bamboo? Treehut has a huge selection of bamboo watches and sunglasses. Stop by to peruse our complete collection!    

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