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Groomsmen Gifts Your Friends Will Love | Engrave Your Message on Wooden Watch

Groomsmen Gifts Your Friends Will Love | Engrave Your Message on Wooden Watch

They are your closest chums: brothers, boyhood playmates, college roommates-turned-confidantes. You’ve handpicked these outstanding gentlemen to send you off into holy matrimony. Each person has played their part in shaping you into the fascinating specimen your partner is crazy about.

Where would you be without their friendship? Why are your groomsmen the ones?





  1.   They leave you speechless

Your friends do and say things that leave you awe-stuck in the moment. Got words too intimate to utter to your own brother? Why not sleep on it and say it right? Now you can engrave your best heartfelt material and inside jokes, along with your groomsmen’s initials, slogans, and your wedding date. 

  1.  You know they're in it for the long haul

You're about to leave bachelordom and enter the next stage of your life.  They, too, are also on the verge of a serious change. Life may present some road blocks here and there, but you know with confidence that you can meet up again and pick up right where you left off. 

  1.  They're from different walks of life

Every person from the best man to the ring bearer has had something to teach you whether you realized it or not. They all have a way of looking at the world that has Craftsmanship and memories aside, our popular custom option allows you to mix and match from the choicest woods and natural materials to not only fit the theme of your day, but to honor the uniqueness of each gentleman. 


      4.  They've got style

Every person in your party is set apart by their own unique style of dress and habits that you might have adopted yourself. There's something to be admired about every person--you're proud to say they've all left their imprint on you. Our line of matching wooden sunglasses also add an extra cool factor. Why not pay homage by 


       5.  They take you to your happy place 

When you lost your way in the past, they were there to help right the ship and ensure you were on course again. When you think of each of them, you feel connected to many worlds larger than you. You think of dreams and possibilities, a faraway place. We think of California, where we've been proudly handcrafting our timepieces since 2013. Why not send them back or forward in time to their happy place? 



Wooden watches go with everything, everyone, and every occasion: smart wedding tuxedos, group photo opps, and even more casual looks after the wedding. Check out our special wedding bundle deal! 


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