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Essential Wooden Accessories You Need For That Awesome Casual Spring Look

Essential Wooden Accessories You Need For That Awesome Casual Spring Look

Best Couple Watches of Treehut

Three Examples Of Spring Style To Inspire You


We all appreciate receiving gifts that fit our personality and values, especially it's a gesture from a loved one. And, I'm pretty sure most of us feel the desire to show that person how proudly we're wearing that gift...But sometimes it's so tricky fitting even a beautiful piece of jewelry or a watch into the right outfit.


Classic Zebrawood Ebony Theo Watch for Men

Let's use our Classic Zebrawood Ebony Theo watch from our Classic Collection as an example. Imagine a log cabin on a mountain with a blue sky in the background. The natural brown wood tones blend so comfortably with a light blue, short-sleeve shirt. The detail in this watch will draw people's eyes on to your wrist, so give it a soft contrast, so they can enjoy the woodwork. 


North Walnut Gold Black Watch For Men With Leather Strap

For a leather-band watch like North Walnut Gold Black from our North Collection, that just fits so nicely into an overall casual style, feel free to add a bracelet to your other wrist to balance it out. A light denim jacket will fit perfectly with it too, both in terms of color and material. You can just keep it simple and enjoy springtime.


Wooden Hare Pin Accessories For Men and Women

Wooden pins like the Wooden Hare Pin can really be an intimate and personal gift if you know exactly what relates the specific animal pin with to the special person you're gifting. It's a special detail for shirts, blazers or a beret. Something that will stand out and start interesting conversations. 



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