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Discover the North: Our Most Ambitious Collection Yet | Best Modern Wooden Watches for Men

Discover the North: Our Most Ambitious Collection Yet | Best Modern Wooden Watches for Men

Discover the North.

An homage to the rugged Northern California landscape we watch with wonder and trek with pride, our North collection is our all-wood take on the classic men’s chronograph watch.

For the collection, we knew we wanted to reach for great heights while keeping true to our roots.

Why the chrono, you ask? Handsome looks aside, we were captivated by its sporty reputation, with its real-world cred in diving, submarine navigation, car racing, and piloting airplanes. 

A chronograph also famously saved Apollo 13 in 1970 when onboard computers failed, guiding its astronauts back to earth. Needless to say, it's got style, but it's also got guts. 

Re-imagined in all natural wood and our signature details, you get something special. 

Defined by the complexity and attention to detail associated with the chronograph, our look is delivered on an uncluttered, fuss-free dial, robust metal case, and interchangeable bands.

We’ve played up our most popular neutral wood tones and color combos, offering you two ways to wear them: on wood-and-stainless-steel or genuine leather bands.


Our wood-and-steel bands are reinforced with gunmetal stainless steel not only for extra strength and durability, but also for its clean lines, resulting in a sleek band that is pleasant to the touch and remarkably lightweight. Genuine leather bands in black, brown and tan open up even more possibilities. 

With a warm wood face and versatile wear, this time-tested style flirts on the line between modern style and nature’s allure. You haven't seen a chrono watch quite like this! 

Masculine with a gentle side, the North collection represents our most ambitious style yet.

Inspired and designed for those with an undeniable connection to nature and an overwhelming desire to keep it close.

For the guy with natural style but who is most interested in staying connected with what grounds him: the people he loves and the path he’s spearheading. 


To locate the perfect North chrono for your leading star, check out our full collection here

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