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BFF: 20 Watch Engravings for the Women in Your Life | Perfect Gift for Her

BFF: 20 Watch Engravings for the Women in Your Life | Perfect Gift for Her


Every female friendship has its own rich inner life. Whether you met her in kindergarten or two weeks ago, she showed up in your life like a breath of fresh air. She was a familiar face when you were lost, made you laugh when things got too serious, made you cry because of her sheer existence.


No matter where life takes us, few things remain truer than those special connections that uplift and inspire.


With the launch of our new Theory and Element collections for women, we are over the moon about the wide selection of new possibilities offered for your watch-wearing pleasure. With two new styles devoted to women and so many color and texture combinations available, no longer are you limited to shopping for just your boyfriend, husband, brother or father.


We now not only have you covered but your girlfriends, sisters, mother, and aunts, too!




In keeping with Treehut tradition, both our Theory and Element women’s watches come with an engravable backplate, so you can bedazzle them with your best words of wisdom, inside jokes, and personal messages to share with all the women you love. 


          Gathered below are a handful of starter ideas to get your creative juices flowing:  


  1. BFF because you already know too much
  2. You’re my favorite in the history of time, ever
  3. That’s a horrible idea. What time?
  4. Sister from another mister
  5. You are my favorite notification
  6. Got your back no matter what
  7. Best friends, rain or shine
  8. Till we’re old & senile. Then we’ll be new friends!
  9. Friends don’t let friends do stupid things...alone
  10. We’re gonna be really cool old ladies someday
  11. You=cherry to my sundae
  12. You are like summer to my winter heart
  13. Thanks for laughing at my bad jokes
  14. Your friendship=the greatest romance of my life
  15. She believed she could, and she did
  16. Well-behaved women seldom make history
  17. True friends are never apart in heart
  18. Thank you for refreshing my soul
  19. You’re a diamond: bright, beautiful, always in style
  20. Don’t remember what life was like before you




Find her perfect watch match by browsing all our women's watch collections.


Got a unique engraving idea or epic friendship story to share? We want to hear about it!


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