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Best Memory With Mom | Personalized Gift for Mom

Best Memory With Mom | Personalized Gift for Mom

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The Memories That Made Us Who We Are

A personalized gift as a token of appreciation for her sacrifices.


What’s your best memory? A first kiss? An amazing road trip? Becca Park recently shared hers with us, and we couldn't love it more. Here’s her story:


I’ve known I wanted to go into the Peace Corps since the 12th grade, when I did an assignment about wastewater treatment, of all things. I know that sounds weird, but from that assignment (which was actually really gross, although I do recommend studying it), I realized that 663 million people in the world don’t have clean water. I was shocked, but most of all I was heartbroken. I went home and immediately started looking for ways to help… and that’s when I found the Peace Corps.


I Will Get In


I researched and I Googled, and finally, I sat down on my Mom’s bed and told her about my newfound and suddenly consuming passion: I had to join the Peace Corps when I graduated. I went to her with everything, but this was different. She looked like she wished I’d never brought it up. She reached her hand to her wrist and rubbed the face on my grandmother’s watch, the way she always did when she was upset.


“The Peace Corps costs money,” she said, shaking her head. “I had friends that did it. There are health tests, passports, vaccines. I mean, it’s a great idea. But I just can’t afford it.” Trying to prove her wrong, I dove into websites and forums. But everything she said was true. It was free, but it was also really expensive.


Some Dreams Take Years


So I shelved it. I graduated, took a volleyball scholarship at Purdue, and moved on. But when it came time to graduate again, something reignited. All of a sudden the Peace Corps was back in full force, and I knew I had to join… no matter what. And I did. I got in—but just like Mom had said, it was adding up. I didn’t have the money for all the formalities, and as I sat on my Mom’s bed again, 4 years later, I broke down. 


The Best Memory I Ever Had


“I’ll have to drop out of the program, Mom. I don’t have the money,” I sobbed. Quietly, she handed me an envelope stuffed with $20 bills. She rubbed her wrist, again—a nervous habit. Only this time, my grandma’s beautiful watch was gone. I knew immediately… she’d sold it. I had a fistful of twenties to prove it. I hugged my mother more tightly than I ever had, and the next month, I left her for two and a half years to follow the dream that started when I was 18—giving clean water to people that didn’t have it. This Mother’s Day, a full seven years after that day on her bed, I’m finally able to give her a new watch for the one she sacrificed for me. I can’t wait to see her face when she reads the engraving on the back, “You’re my best memory.”


What a beautiful story! As Mother’s Day approaches, we can’t think of a better way to tell Mom she’s loved than to shower her with beauty.


P.S. We loved Becca’s drive to see others in the world get clean water. Since today is Earth Day, why not come alongside us and do the same? A portion of our proceeds goes to support the nonprofit group Charity:Water, and we’d love for you to join us!


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