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Bar Scavenger Hunt

Bar Scavenger Hunt

bar scavenger hunt

Why are Scavenger Hunt’s solely reserved for bachelor/bachelorette parties and fraternity pledges? Remember house partying? There were always plenty of games-beer pong, flip cup, rage cage, asshole, king’s cup, three-man, and the list goes on. Just because you’re old enough to go to the bars doesn’t mean the fun and games need to stop. Here’s a scavenger hunt that works for a bachelorette, a birthday girl, or just a regular girls' night out. (For girls' night out, everyone picks a card from a deck, whoever has the lowest card gets to play bride-to-be! Aces are high.)

Guys can flip the genders and play the game too (though I imagine it will be a lot harder for a guy to find a woman with a bald spot #35). 

Divide into teams of 3-4. Keep all evidence, save your snapchats/pictures because memories aren't to be trusted. The next morning tally up all the points. Each number checked off is worth a point. For any point disputes, the bride has final call. The loosing team is the errand team and must pick up coffee, snacks, and Advil for the others, who get to stay in bed longer and nurture their headaches.

The game starts when all of the party is together. The game ends once the bride falls asleep. So don't let her conk out too early! 

Scavenger Hunt 

  1. Convince a guy to buy you a drink
  2. Convince a girl to buy you a drink
  3. Convince a guy to give you something out of his pockets.
  4. Snap a photo with the DJ
  5. Good Wedding Karma: Track down another Bride-to-be and buy her a drink
  6. Find a guy who can recite a line from her favorite movie
  7. Find a guy who can name a character from her favorite book
  8. Snapchat a guy singing 10 seconds of her favorite song.
  9. Successfully photo bomb some randoms
  10. Find a guy who will let you take a picture of his bare foot
  11. Stand up on a chair and remove your bra. Keep your shirt on! This isn’t a talent show. (For guys, remove your shirt and swing it helicopter style.)
  12. Ask a guy with the largest muscles if you can take a picture with them
  13. Do the worm on the dance floor
  14. Shuffle on the dance floor 
  15. Cheorograph an 8 second dance with a teammate and perform the dance on the dance floor
  16. Have a guy give you a picture of his girlfriend
  17. Have a bachelor buy you a shot
  18. Order a blow job shot with whip cream, drink no hands
  19. Draw a tattoo on the bouncer, bartender or DJ
  20. Get a picture of a drag queen
  21. Get a condom from a guy
  22. Get a picture with a cop
  23. Flash a guy your bra from a moving car (For guys, flash your boxers)
  24. Tell a guy you love your bum and ask him to take a picture with it
  25. Get a guy to write his philosophy of marriage on a napkin and put it in the brides purse/pocket 
  26. Get a guy to write sex advice on a napkin and put it in the brides purse/pocket
  27. Get the bartender/bouncer to let you keep a shot glass
  28. Take a video of a cute guy serenading the bride
  29. Stand up on a bar or table and toast the bride
  30. Get the DJ to shout out the bachelorette 
  31. Get a guy to propose to the bride-to-be
  32. Do a lap dance for one of your friends
  33. Very loudly request a dirty Sanchez from the bartender then describe a dirty girl scout (Vodka, Irish cream liqueur, mint leaf )
  34. Get the bartender to laugh at something
  35. Get a cute guy to attempt a magic trick
  36. Take a picture of the men’s room while it’s in use
  37. Leave a kissy lipstick mark on a guy’s bald spot
  38. Pretend you’re a dog and sniff a guy's butt
  39. Pretend to have an organism while sitting next to a cute guy
  40. Get a piggyback ride from a stranger
  41. Put makeup on a guys face
  42. Have a guy hit on the bride
  43. Have a guy speak a foreign language to the bride
  44. Find a flower and give it to the bride-to-be
  45. Take a picture with a hipster 
  46. Take a picture with an animal
  47. Find someone with an arrow, feather or infinity tattoo and take a picture
  48. Get a pic with someone that looks like they could be the brides-to-be fiancé (or for single girls playing this on a girls’ night out, find a guy that’s the epitome of her type; bride chooses winner)
  49. Find a guy with a handle bar mustache (for guys find a girl with a unnatural colored hair)
  50. Start a dance battle! Have a teammate snapchat it.
  51. Loose a dance battle! Have a teammate snapchat it.
  52. Find a guy who will let you photograph his belly button



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