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A Watch For Every Dad | Best Wood and Marble Watch for Him

A Watch For Every Dad | Best Wood and Marble Watch for Him

Lucky for us, not all of our dads are the same.

We each have our own version of the man who raised us, loved us unconditionally, and always protected us from harm. More specifically, each dad has a specific career, specific interests, and personalities.

We created a list of watches for every kind of dad to help you choose the perfect watch for Father’s Day...


North Ebony Zebrawood Chrono Watch


1. The Always Busy Dad

The Always Busy Dad is the one that can’t stay put for too long, he's always out and hard to get ahold of. Even on his days off, he’s constantly trying to find things to do around the house.


Atlas Ebony Black Marble Watch For Men


2. The Overly Proud Dad

The Overly Proud Dad can’t be wrong. Yes, he loves to gloat about you and your successful career but he’s also a know it all that will never admit to being wrong and shows little to no emotion. Gotta credit this man for he tough love that molded you.

Bay Black Marble Ebony Watch For Men


3. The Stay-At-Home Dad

Bay Black Marble Ebony

This is a new category of dads. These dads are mainly young work-at-home dads that take care of the daily to-dos at home.


Summit Tiger Eye Zebrawood


4. The Adventurous Dad

The Adventurous Dad is the one who loves to be outdoors, enjoys traveling, and is always up to try new things. This dad isn't afraid to live out of the norm and he’s the first person you think of when you need a hand to hold while skydiving.


Rise Grey Marble Black For Men


5. The Overly Sentimental Dad

Rise Marble Vintage Brown 

He’s the one to get all bubbly about his daughter's photo at age two. He’s very affectionate and doesn’t care if he’s holding on too tight. This dad will always make you feel important and loved no matter how old you get. *Don’t forget to add an engraving with a thoughtful quote.



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