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8 Ways to Celebrate Dad On Father’s Day | Best Wooden Watch Gift For Dad

8 Ways to Celebrate Dad On Father’s Day | Best Wooden Watch Gift For Dad

Any father, new or seasoned, might tell you: at the end of the day, it’s the experiences that matter, not necessarily the latest hot tech gadget you might throw at him. It’s the feeling of having connected that makes us happy, passing the time together while doing a mutually enjoyable activity. Let your dad know that he continues to play an active role in your life. More than that, create ongoing memories that you will both appreciate in the years to come.



  1. Hike or Bike a Nearby National Park

We spend so much of our life indoors. As a change of pace, you both will appreciate the fresh air, warm sun and the simple chance to get the blood pumping. Look here for the nearest national park near you and create a helpful checklist. Whether or not your dad is a nature junkie, a well-planned trip will ensure that you both reap the benefits of some good outdoor familial bonding.



  1. Spend a Day at the Museum Together

If it was your dad who took you to your first museum, take advantage of the chance to go full circle. Dads are often our first teachers. If he’s a knowledge or culture hound, what better place? Museums, arts or science, traditional or interactive, can be a calming, low-pressure activity that offer opportunities for leisurely strolling and fun conversation.



  1. Take Him Out to the Ballgame

If cheering on a beloved sports team is one of your dad’s favorite pastimes, don’t miss an opportunity to treat him to an outing together. Purchase tickets before they sell out and get ready for a day of beers and unhealthy food. Other complementary ideas: if he doesn’t own one already, consider buying him a team jersey, baseball cap, or other memorabilia and present it to him before the event.



  1. Enjoy a Backyard Barbecue

Is your dad a low-profile master chef? Be his sous chef. Give him a chance to shine by organizing a family barbecue or a small-scale joint cooking session. Prepare all the ingredients and equipment ahead of time. Maybe you have a favorite family recipe he’d love to revisit, or maybe there’s an interesting new cuisine he’s been meaning to try. This is a prime opportunity!



  1. Host a Father’s Day Film Festival

You and your dad have those evergreen movies you’ve kept returning to as far back as you can remember. What are some of his favorite films? If you want to go above and beyond, invest in a home movie projector. Collaborate and curate a selection of films to screen or project onto a wall. Ensure a steady supply of popcorn and snacks by turning an end-table into a makeshift concession stand for gatherings small and large. 


  1. Create Something Together

What are your dad’s favorite hobbies? Tinkering around with the car, woodworking, welding, pottery: get him to teach you how to do or fix something. It could very well be that there’s a project he’s been unable to complete without another set of hands. Taking the time to do something close to his heart shows that you care about his interests and he will take pride in being able to impart some hard-won knowledge.



  1. Plant a Small Garden

It’s possible that your dad already has a small plot of land dedicated to edible plants. Almost nothing tastes better than fruits and vegetables grown in one’s own backyard. Imagine making spaghetti and plucking your own tomatoes and herbs.  Immediate benefits: sun, bonding time, learning opportunity. Future benefits: promoting your dad's good health and well-being.



  1. Create a Photo Album or Direct Him in a Photoshoot

Your father plays a starring role in your life--make sure he knows it. Go into all of your old family albums and select some of your favorite captures of him before and after fatherhood. If you don’t have a quality photocopier at home, go to your local photo shop. The goal is to create a visual storyboard of what he has meant to you and your family. If you need more material, see if he’d be willing to take part in a photoshoot under your creative direction.




Can’t pick just one activity? The sky’s the limit, really. Remember, he is your father every day. Depending on his tastes, there are many ways to incorporate all these activities into an ongoing schedule. Whatever life might throw at us, we will never regret investing time in those we love.

What do you have planned this Father’s Day? Just as importantly, how will you let him know what he means to you? Our engraving option offers you the chance to get creative. Take a browse through our collection.

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