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8 Reasons to Treat Mom: What's Your Mom's Watch Type? | Best Gift For Mom

8 Reasons to Treat Mom: What's Your Mom's Watch Type? | Best Gift For Mom

Hey Mom, what's your watch type?

Let's play a game: What's your mom's watch type? Within the Treehut universe, there are a smattering of ways to personalize a watch that is bound to match your mom.  We get it: your mom is a one-woman multitude and can't be confined to one category. She's cross-genre, but she's got an overall preference.

At any given moment, where is she most likely to be found? At home, at the office, cruising the mall, poised at yoga, supporting a community event, climbing a mountain, her nose in a book?

Your answer might just help determine which of our women’s watches come closest to your mom in her best moment:


1.     The Glam Mom:      Rouge Small


          The Rouge Small is for the mom who wants an everyday hit of red on the wrist to complement an everyday red lip. A redwood case with a rosewood face, this standout timepiece is warmed by a soft brown genuine leather band to jive with that tasteful handbag on her arm. 



2.     The Understated Mom:      The Classic

Your mom has a collection of cardigans in her closet and she probably prefers neutrals to leopard print. Our signature Classic wooden watch with classic Arabic numerals and hour markers on a smooth and clean bamboo face gets the job done, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s easy on the eyes, too. 

3.     The Hipster Mom:      Mod Small

Your mom keeps a pulse on the world of arts and culture--and she is constantly pairing patterns like you've never seen. A numberless face decked out with triangle graphic detail and bold hour markers, the Mod Small is for the mom with an appreciation for the finer prints in life. 



4.     The Executive Mom:      Theo Red Small

Your mom is a high-powered woman who strikes deals and moves mountains beyond your horizon. An Ebony-cased timepiece on a black leather band, the Theo Red Small is dark and sleek to effortlessly match any outfit at a moment’s notice, with just the lightest touch of maraschino red on the second hand.

5.     The Nesting Mom:      Maple Burl Small


Your mom does a lot of good out in the world, but she loves her creature comforts. There’s nowhere else she’d rather be than curled up with her loved ones and indoor hobbies. She takes pride in creating a safe space for her family. The Maple Burl Small’s warm apple-pie tone gets some of us craving warm cozy interiors. This is the general feeling she inspires--because home is where your mom is.



6.     The Free-wheeling Mom:      Black Walnut Small

Your mom bikes, plays a mean game of tennis, runs marathons, or goes to the lake every week. Whenever she’s not indoor-bound, she's joining the natural forces and finding new ways to push her body. The Black Walnut Small’s walnut burl face, dark case and leather band keeps up with her sporty, earthy vibe.


7.     The Yogi Mom:      Olive Ash Red Small

Your mom has incredible posture and is all about finding her center, transmitting and receiving good energy. With its rich, red-threaded black leather band and bright olive ash face, our Olive Ash Small satisfies the senses with the perfect balance in color and texture.




8.     The Mentor-Mom:      The Purple Heart Small


You have more than one mom in your life, and this one's your nontraditional one. She’s your aunt, your grandma, your big sister, favorite teacher, your neighbor. She’s seen you grow up or has imparted some sage advice. She's done double duty when you had no one else to turn to. With a luminous purpleheart wood face and bamboo case, our Purple Heart Small is for the mentor with a heart big enough to take you under her wing. 


We like to think that each type of Treehut watch invites many personal style interpretations. Every mother and every woman wears watches her own way. Now that you've chosen the canvas, what are you going to say? Stumped? We've got engraving ideas for you here, in case you missed it. 

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