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5 Reasons Why We Love Glen Park, San Francisco

5 Reasons Why We Love Glen Park, San Francisco

Things to Do in Glen Park Neighborhood, San Francisco
During the past few months, Tree Hut has had a whirlwind of a time! In just under a year, we've learned and grown so much. And now, we're moving house! For every start-up, it's the sweetest moment when you move your business from out of your home and into an office. And, for Tree Hut especially, it's even sweeter when you're able to stay in the neighborhood you're familiar with and have grown to love. Tree Hut is located in San Francisco, tucked away in Glen Park Village - an area that's not so known with visiting tourists who trek here for the Golden Gate Bridge or The Painted Ladies. But despite it not being a token San Franciscan symbol, Tree Hut is so proud to be a part of this charming neighborhood. In fact - we're so proud that we decided to make a blog post on the five reasons why we love Glen Park!
1. Glen Park is a Hidden Gem
We know that we're technically in San Francisco, but some days - we feel like we're in our own little town. As we mentioned in the intro, Glen Park is not exactly a tourist destination - but that's actually the reason why it elevates the neighborhood's charm! For the most part, everyone who's walking around works or lives here - it brings in an air of familiarity and trust, and a sense of "home sweet home." But don't get us wrong, Glen Park loves seeing new faces - we're open to any visitors who might stumble upon our quaint neighborhood!
2. Local Businesses Builds a Small Town Feel
The first thing people notice as they walk around Glen Park is that there's a bit of a "European" atmosphere and that they feel like they're in a small town versus a major city. A lot of that has to deal with the amazing local businesses in the Glen Park area. There's more mom-and-pops stores that replace huge chains like Starbucks or Whole Foods. Some of our personal favorite venues are Higher Grounds Cafe, Perch, Canyon Market, and Le P'tit Laurent.
3. Your Neighbors Stay Your Neighbors
San Francisco is known at one point not only being one of the most expensive cities to live in the US - but in the world. With that being said, it's not unusual for renters to come in and out of their housing situations in this city. They either find a better deal across town or their forced to leave due to the rent increasing. But in Glen Park - there's significantly more homeowners here - and some have been around for generations. So we actually take the time to get to know ours neighbors because they're here to stay! 
4. Access to parks
Glen Park, indeed, has a handful of parks! All of them are great for walking or running trails, dog watching, having picnics, or just simply a quick escape to nature. Pictured above is a shot from Billy Goat Hill - lots of visitors come by to swing off a rope attached to a tree with a beautiful backdrop of San Francisco!
5. Convenient Transportation  
We may not be in the center of San Francisco, but we sure did luck out when it comes to available transportation! Dozens of MUNI bus routes are sprinkled everywhere, cable cars have designated stops in Glen Park, and we even have a BART metro stop! So if you DID want to visit Glen Park one day - you really have no excuse not to!

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