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5 Wedding Hacks: Keeping Cool Outdoors

5 Wedding Hacks: Keeping Cool Outdoors

Springtime brides worry about unexpected rain at their outdoor venues, while summertime brides worry about the overbearing sun and heat. At least, the sun doesn't turn dirt to mud or straighten curly hair do's. Rain is a feat but heat you can beat with these five wedding hacks for keeping cool at outdoor summer time weddings.   

wedding hacks : keeping cool outdoors

1. Ice water soaked, rolled washcloths

Like a first class plane ride, your guests will feel thoroughly treated. Roll up enough washcloths for each of the guest. Place each towel in a tin basket and drench them in ice water.

 ice water soaked rolled washed cloth container               rolled washcloths outdoor wedding  ice water for rolled towels


2. Mist Cooling System 

It doesn't need to be a large fan system like what's pictured below. Tubing systems with spray nozzles are also available and fit nicely to balcony and terrace railings or around the perimeter of tents and umbrellas. 

3. Rehydration Station stocked with ice water, lemonade, and ice tea. Here's a few options from pottery barn. If you want to get fancy with it, add some mint and strawberries to your water for a refreshing and fruity cool down. 

wedding cool down lemonade, outdoor wedding essential  water cool down outdoor wedding

4. Program Fans 

Fans that double as programs are a wonderful multipurpose item to beat the heat. 


5. Shades 

Let your guest hide their tears behind the sunny shades. With sunglasses on, you'll know the wetness coming down their cheeks isn't from straining their eyes against the bright sun, but from the adorably written vows. 

summer wedding hacks - sunglasses  

wood sunglasses   summer wedding sunglasses



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