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Pawsome Gifts from Dog to Dad

Pawsome Gifts from Dog to Dad

Happy Father's Day to all the Dog Dads out there! This day is for you too. From dealing with bedwetting accidents to waking up in the middle of the night to loud barking, taking care of a pup is no easy feat. Take a break, relax, and remind the mother of your pup that you deserve a gift to celebrate.

And for Dog Moms, remember that dogs are part of the family too, so gift the Dogfather in your life something K-9 inspired:


Cha Cha, the 3 legged Yorkie tripod dog!

Which gift will you be getting for your Doggy Daddy? Comment below!

For more canine and Dad fun, check out 15 Famous Human & Dog Duos, Celebrities That Became Dads in 2016, and Meet Cha-Cha: The Yorkie Tripod!


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