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Tree Hut Watches Spotted Across the World (Instagram Edition)

Tree Hut Watches Spotted Across the World (Instagram Edition)

Tree Hut Wooden Watches Spotted Across the World

Guess what? Tree Hut watches have been spotted on every continent (except Antartica, of course). Our watches have travelled a long way from sunny California to reach all of these places... and this map doesn't even account for all those watches not photographed and posted on Instagram! We ship countless orders each day, both domestically and internationally, so it's always exciting when a customer sends us a photograph of their new watch!

Click on the interactive map to above to see the Instagram pictures taken across the world. Or check out some of our favorite places:


Bozeman, Montana

Instagram image by @ryanmkru featuring Bozeman, Montana mountains outdoor adventure

The Rosewood 27 accompanied @ryanmkru to the mountains surrounding Bozeman, Montana, where the two explored Baldy Peak, Hyalite Canyon, and Lava Lake. On a weekend adventure, Ryan swam in glacial lakes, showered in waterfalls, and hiked with his best friends. Look how blue the lake is!


Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

@nickyboots with his Tree Hut Nova wood watch at Rocky Mountain State National Park, Colorado Though this photograph was taken in the middle of May, the mountain peaks were still remarkably snow capped! @nickyboots and his friends took advantage of the cool, yet refreshing, weather to hike the mountainous landscape. 


New York, New York

Manhattan, New York City skyline cityscape Instagram photo by @photabulator wearing a Tree Hut wooden watchHere at Tree Hut, we love all types of adventure: climbing rocks, exploring forests, wakeboarding on the coast -- all thanks to the various landscapes California offers! But we love urban adventure too. If somehow you can't reach for the stars (or can't see them because of light pollution), New York would be the next big thing. @photabulator is living the Manhattan dream. Pictured: Wooden Watch Classic


Waimanalo, Hawaii

Bellows Air Force Base, Waimanalo, Hawaii island lifestyle outdoor adventure Instagram photo by @autinn

This snapshot, captured by @autinn at Bellows Airforce Base in O'ahu, reflects that carefree and breezy beach lifestyle we all wish we had. Dreaming about grandiose cliffs, deep green valleys, rushing waves... we're jealous of this Walnut Burl Plain Blue watch!


Paris, France


Tree Hut Wood Watch Spotted at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France

In 2014, the Tree Hut crew (and the Boyd) attended Paris Fashion Week to see the latest and greatest in styles! Here we are showing off our wooden Boyd at the Notre-Dame Cathedral. What's your favorite sight to see in Paris?


Berlin, Germany

Tree Hut wood watch photographed in Berlin, Germany with German soda and literature

This IG photo was submitted to us by a private IG user. It was super interesting to see our American handmade watch juxtaposed with a popular German soda. The soda featured in this image (Kölsches Wasser [pink]*) is a delicious pink lemonade flavored with agave syrup -- we really want to try it!


Kiev, Ukraine

Tree Hut Boyd wood watch spotted in the snow of Kiev, Ukraine

@expatparis was so pumped to receive the Boyd as a gift from his long distance girlfriend in Australia. He loved how it was as light as a feather -- for his snow trekking trips -- and how it tactfully survived below freezing weather. Most of all, he adored the sentimental engraving on the back: "Happy 24th Birthday. Love Always, Sammy."


Cheonan, South Korea

@williej322 showing off his Tree Hut wood watch in South Korea

It's always military time for @williej322. Cheesy pun aside, it must be awesome to live in South Korea for a few years. Cheonan, where an American military base is located, neighbors Seoul, the country's largest and most eccentric city. One reason to visit Seoul? The city boasts a unique balance of centuries-old royal palaces right next to tall urban skyscrapers. Pictured: The Nova


Want to be featured on this map?  Tag your photos with #TreeHutCo on Instagram!

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