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Best Indoor Plants for Bathrooms (+ Interior Design Inspo!)

Best Indoor Plants for Bathrooms (+ Interior Design Inspo!)

Best Indoor Plants for Bathrooms including Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Orchid, Air Plant | Post by Tree Hut Wooden Watches

Bathrooms may be the grimiest part of the house, but they don't need to be the blandest. Whether you've got a green thumb or a black one, brighten up the bathroom with some houseplants (and, no, mold does not count as a plant.)

Houseplants aren't just fantastic minimalist decor. They also purify the air (+1 if you've got asthma or another respiratory condition) and overall add positive energy to the atmosphere. Bathroom houseplants, in particular, are so low maintenance, there's really no reason not to get one. Read on to learn what the top indoor plants for bathrooms are:

1. Aloe Vera

Best Indoor Plants for Bathrooms: Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a succulent that thrives in all sort of conditions, so it's the perfect companion for the self-proclaimed plant killer. Plus, aloe vera plants are so utilitarian. The jelly liquid inside their leaves can treat sunburns, remove makeup, exfoliate skin, and even freshen breath. 

Best Place to Display Them: Aloe veras like indirect sunlight, so situate them near a window. They also love humidity and thrive next to steamy showers. 


2. Snake Plant

Best Indoor Plants for Bathrooms: Snake Plants

A.K.A. Mother-in-Law's Tongue (can you see why?) has upright, geometric leaves that naturally fits in with contemporary home design.

Best Place to Display Them: Snake Plants do best under bright, fluorescent lighting, so place them near a lamp if possible (but not in direct sunlight). 


3. Air Plant

Best Indoor Plants for Bathrooms: Air Plant

Contrary to popular belief, air plants (members of the genus Tillandsia) cannot live on air alone. Rather, they don't require soil. If you're lucky enough, air plants might just bloom!

Best Place to Display Them: The happiest home for the Air Plant is a sunny bathroom. You can put them inside corkscrews or glass terrariums and display them anywhere.


4. Boston Fern

 Best Indoor Plants for Bathrooms:  Boston Fern

The Boston Fern, with its uniquely shaped leaves and vibrant green color, has been a houseplant stable for many generations. However, until recently, it hasn't been utilized to its full potential as bathroom decor.

Best Place to Display Them: The overflowing leaves look incredibly charming when draped over a bathroom shelf.


5. Orchid

 Best Indoor Plants for Bathrooms: Orchids

Orchids aren't as hard to grow as you may think. Since they originated in the tropics, they love humid and warm conditions. Even orchids keeling over will revive once in the comfort of the bathroom.

Best Place to Display Them: The orchid's vibrant color naturally begs to be seen, so they look best when contrasted with pure white bathrooms. Situate them as close as possible to the steamy shower.


Quick Tips:

  • Remember not all plants are alike. Bathroom plants in particular will crave low light and high humidity conditions.
  • Don't overwater! Overwatering is the #1 plant killer. Only water the plants if the soil is desert dry. Otherwise, wait.
  • Ensure that your plants live in a pot with a saucer and draining holes. Otherwise, they may suffer from root rot. 
  • Bathroom lights should be fluorescent to emulate the sun.



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