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7 Easy DIY Reclaimed Wood Decor Projects

7 Easy DIY Reclaimed Wood Decor Projects

Easy DIY Rustic / Reclaimed Wood Decor Projects Ideas Inspiration

Got extra wood pallets laying around? Tree Hut has its roots planted firmly in the Earth, so we love anything and everything eco-friendly and upcycled. But, truthfully, some DIY reclaimed wood decor projects are ridiculously difficult to emulate without a basic understanding of woodworking (and owning a contractor's license). So, without further ado, here's seven super simple rustic decor projects that you'll (1) be excited to do and (2) actually have time to complete.

Note: Before you start any of these projects, make sure you weather your wood to give it a white-washed cast.


1. Sentimental Photo Frames

Easy DIY Rustic / Reclaimed Wood Decor Projects Ideas Inspiration
Tutorial Courtesy of: Classy Country Store
Believe or not, there are stylish ways to display family photos in the home. To create the rustic charm of these wood photos frames, first obtain: reclaimed wood in any rectangular or square shape (if necessary, use a hand saw to cut oblong pieces) and an off-white photo matte. After fastening your photograph onto the picture matte, use wood glue to attach to the wood piece. Voila!

2. Farmhouse Towel Rack 

Easy DIY Rustic / Reclaimed Wood Decor Projects Ideas Inspiration
Tutorial Courtesy of: Suburban Bitches
This towel rack is another easy, yet incredibly charming, home decor idea. To tackle the challenge, begin by arranging your scrap wood pieces on the wall (you can also just use one large pallet piece). Mark your arrangement on the wall with a pencil. Next, use a large drill bit to drill singular holes, evenly spaced apart, on the wood piece. This is where you will fasten your shower hooks, so ensure each hole appropriately fits the hook. You can either align the shower hooks in parallel or alternate their position (like in the example above). We love this towel rack because it complements a white wall incredibly well, so it's a great addition for renters.

3. Minimalist Swing Shelf 

Easy DIY Rustic / Reclaimed Wood Decor Projects Ideas Inspiration | Hanging Shelf with Succulent

Tutorial Courtesy of: Garden Therapy

Swing shelves are the perfect minimalist solution for a cramped apartment. To create your own, first obtain a rectangular scrapped wood piece -- the thicker the better! Sand it down so it's as even as possible and not rough on the edges. Then, use a large drill bit to bore 2 parallel and evenly-spaced holes on each side, about 2" from the edge. Ensure the diameter is just large enough for your rope to feed through. Next, cut a large rope into two even pieces. Remember, the segments must be long enough to stretch from one hole to another. Cut them to the length you want the shelf to hang. Feed each rope through its respective hole all the way to the other side, then tie each end in a simple knot. Once the ropes are knotted and secure, hang the shelf with a strong command hook or, if the wood is light enough, a push pin.


4. Statement Headboard

 Easy DIY Rustic / Reclaimed Wood Decor Projects Ideas Inspiration | Stikwood Pallet Headboard


I promise, this gorgeous headboard is a lot easier to recreate than it appears! The only crafting skills you need are peelin' and stickin', and that's because amazing Stikwood exists. Stikwood sells reclaimed wood pieces (Tree Hut loves this eco-friendly aspect!) in any style imaginable for just $10-14 per square foot. Just trim them to size and let your imagination run wild! To transform your headboard into a work of art, you can arrange the pieces on the wall either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally... or you can mix-and-match wood finishes. This headboard is certainly a conversation piece and adds a layer of interest to your room.

P.S. You can stick these wood pieces virtually anywhere, so try modernizing your wall décor or revamping a worn-out table. The possibilities are endless!  

Easy DIY Rustic / Reclaimed Wood Decor Projects Ideas Inspiration | Pallet Stikwood Cardtable Vintage

 Source: The Merry Thought


 5. Personalized Art 

 Easy DIY Rustic / Reclaimed Wood Decor Projects Ideas Inspiration | Pallet Wood Stencil Art

Yes, this project invokes a lot more creativity than the others, but designing your own artwork is the perfect way to add a custom touch to your home! To recreate this trendy and sophisticated statement piece, first find a stencil of the design you wish to emulate (hint: check out Etsy for some printable stencils). Then, place the stencil over your pallet and paint over it with white acrylic or chalk paint. 

Source: My3Monsters

Feel free to also hand paint your wood pallet if you have great handwriting. 


6. Au Naturale Coasters

Easy DIY Rustic / Reclaimed Wood Decor Projects Ideas Inspiration | Wood Branch Coasters

Tutorial Courtesy of: FamilySponge

I have such massive branches in my backyard and I never know what to do with them! These coasters are an imaginative way to upcycle what nature gave us. Use a saw to cut a thick branch into about 1 inch slices. Sand down the top and edges of each slice, but be wary of accidentally stripping the bark. Then, stick four felt pads on the bottom and you've got a coaster!

To really make these coasters pop, consider brightening them up with a coat of colorful acrylic paint:

Source: Brit + Co


7. Rustic Necklace Organizer

Easy DIY Rustic / Reclaimed Wood Decor Projects Ideas Inspiration | Necklace Jewelry Hanging Organizer

Tutorial Courtesy of: Brit + Co 

This necklace organizer is a similar endeavor as the towel rack, but is such a cute idea for the girl with too much jewelry. First, cut your wood pallet into the desired size -- the longer, though, the more necklaces you can hang. Next, decide upon what door knobs you want to fasten to the pallet. I recommend Cost Plus for some flamboyant and unique styles that you can mix-and-match. Mark with a pencil where you plan to position each knob on the pallet. Then, drill a small hole in the pallet. Don't drill all the way through and be careful that the drilled hole is smaller than the screw on the back of the knob. Too cute!


 So, are you feeling inspired now? Ready to transform old wood into new works of art?

If you're digging the look of reclaimed wood, but too busy to craft anything, check out these unique reclaimed wood items you can buy now:

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