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11 Love Phrases in French and English

11 Love Phrases in French and English

11 French Love Phrases | Treehut Wooden Watch Engraving inspiration

There are lots or reasons to love France, but why is French the iconic language of love? Of all the romance languages, it could be argued that Italian is the sweetest on the ear, with it sing song tone, yet French has always eclipsed other languages in romance, at least in the eyes of Americans. Eyes being the key. Watch a person speak French and you'll undoubtedly notice his lips pull into a kissy face. He has to, to properly pronounce so many French words. Stare at talking frenchmen for the length of a movie and it seems like his blown you hundreds of kisses.


Now you don't need to be French to cash in on this romance. An attempt to be romantic in the iconic language of love is just as sexy! The only thing you don't want to do is make a mistake: calling your guy a girl can be a real mood buster. Don't fret! Here at Treehut we've compiled a list of basic french phrases and had them proofed by native French speakers. So if you're looking to flirt a little or for the perfect French love phrase to engrave on one of our wooden watches, you've come to the right place. Here's 11 phrases in French, translated into English, and broken down by gender.

 French Romance | Treehut wooden watch engraving inspiration

Love Phrases in French for Him or for Her (gender neutral)

  1. Je t’aime - I love you
  2. Mon amour - my love, my darling
  3. Je t’aime mon amour - I adore/love you my love
  4. Tu as des beaux yeux - you have beautiful eyes
  5. J’adore ton sourire - i love your smile
  6. Tu me manques - i miss you
  7. Tu es ma joie de vivre - you are the joy of my life
  8. tu es l’amour de ma vie - you are the love of my life
  9. Je pense toujours à toi  - i always think of you

Say this to a guy:
  1. Mon chéri - my darling
  2. Je suis fou de toi - i am crazy about you

Say this to a girl:
  1. Ma chérie - my darling 
  2. Je suis folle de toi - I am crazy about you

versailles places garden | treehut wooden watch engraving inspiration | 11 love phrases in french


For more engraving inspiration check out our Instagram page to see hundreds of past engraving. To read the stories behind the engravings, check out the engraving spotlights.

French is an iconic language of love, and what is better than getting a watch engraving of beautiful french phrases? Sounds lovely, right? Check out all our new collections of Treehut watches for your partner’s next birthday gift!

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