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Engraving Inspiration: Forever My Puddin'

Engraving Inspiration: Forever My Puddin'

batman puddin and harley inspired engraved watch | treehutco

Looking for gift inspiration that’s both thoughtful and unique? Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. Our customers love the minimalistic, natural design of our handmade wooden watches and sunglasses. They value their ability to add a personalized engravings, and those receiving the gifts always adore the sweets notes. Though finding us isn’t the challenging part. What’s challenging is finding the right words, in ten words or less, that expresses all of the complex emotions we feel for our loved ones. Maybe we want to memorialize a special event like a wedding or graduation and can simply engrave the event's date. Or maybe the gift is meant to celebrate not a single day but rather a love that spans a multitude of days or decades even.


Ashlyn is one such customer who purchased a Christmas gift for her boyfriend Sarkis. She didn’t want to commemorate what I’m sure was an amazing Christmas spent together, but rather their love.

When Ashyln first met Sarkis two years ago, it was far from love at first sight. It was winter and the pair were strangers on a busy ice rink. “I was skating with my girlfriends when Sarkis bumped into me and knocked me on my ass.I [was mad] and told him to watch where he was going. He apologized profusely and went on his way.”

Ice skating is a great date! Treehut Wooden Watches

Destiny wasn’t through with the pair. A few weeks later they bumped into each other again at the bar where  Ashlyn was a bartender. As if she couldn’t get him out of her mind, she immediately recognized him. Her first reaction was to hassle him a bit for knocking her over. The teasing turned into a long conversation. “After we talked for a few hours and really started to connect, I agreed to go on a date with him.” They’ve been together ever since.


It wasn’t long before they were in love. “We have this amazing, unspoken form of communication that is unlike anything I've ever experienced. It's something I feel like I've waited my whole life for.” They spent some amazing days together, and Ashlyn excitedly recalls one of their best days, “The best day we ever spent together was when he took me skydiving for my birthday! It was such a visceral, raw experience. To experience that with him connected us in a way I didn't know [was] possible.”

skydiving is a thrill like love | treehut wooden watches

Ashyln’s delight in this gift, could have only made it harder to find a gift that could match such a memorable experience. What could she get him that was both original and considerate? What would draw a sincere smile on the face of the one she so cherishes just as she had smiled at his gift, which took them thousands of feet in the air and safely back?

She decided to buy one of our wooden watches with a personalized message, which he could wear everyday and be reminded of her when they're apart. Sarkis is in law school and with her busy work schedule it can be challenging for them to make time for each other. She says it’s important, “to always be there for your partner. It's in those times of immense stress that they need you the most. Just because someone isn't there physically, doesn't mean they're not there in heart and thought.” What better way to remind him that she’s always there for him, than creating something just for him, to wear everyday, with her secret message hidden on the back.

cut couple outdoors | treehut wooden watches

How did Ashyln decide what to engrave?

She tweaked a romantic classic, “forever mine” by adding something private - a nickname that comes from an interest they share.  Ashyln had “Forever my puddin'” engraved on the Nova watch. She tells us, “The engraving is in relation to Batman.The joker's nickname for Harley Quinn (his partner) is puddin'. As big fans of the series, I call him puddin' and he calls me Harley.

Nova Treehut Wooden Watch gifts for him, gifts for grooms


Adding a nickname to a romantic note is an easy way to personalize an engraved watch. Make your gift stand out and show the person your care about that you took the time and effort to make something special just for them. Unlike the hand painted drawing that marked effort in childhood gift giving, this gift will be loved by more than just your mother and be just as thoughtful and unique! For more ideas on engravings and the stories behind them, see our engraving spotlight section of the blog. Or check out our Instagram for tons of engraving photos.

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