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Engraving Spotlight: A Story of Sibling Love

Engraving Spotlight: A Story of Sibling Love

Treehut Wood Watches with Leather Bands: Engraving Spotlight Personalized

Today’s wooden watch engraving spotlight highlights the beauty of sibling relations (...Frozen, anyone?) Veronique Rouhana and her sister, Dominique, recently purchased a personalized watch for their brother, so we reached out to learn more about their familial relationship. 

Tell me more about your brother and your relationship with him.

My sister and I are twins, and we have an older brother, Freddy. Our brother is our world. We don’t have family living near us, so we’re always supporting each other in any way we can. My brother was recently really stressed out about a girl he is in love with, but could not be with because of the distance between them. He had a different girlfriend at the time, but always loved the girl from a different country. We saw how it always upset him, but he never really spoke out about it as he likes to keep to himself. But over the last few months, he tried to do the right thing, and end it with his girlfriend. He did not want to lead her on, especially since the girl he is in love with is the only girl he is willing to give his heart to completely. So he broke up with his girlfriend and told her the truth, but he felt so bad about breaking her heart. He also decided to speak to the girl of his dreams, but it was hard for him to do so.


 How did you support your brother during this tough time?

My sister and I actually decided to buy him a watch as a surprise gift. We knew that he was struggling, and we wanted him to know that we would always be by his side no matter what happened. Family always comes first. The watch was honestly a random gift we got for my brother. It was not for any special occasion, just a gift on a random day.

How did you present the watch to your brother?

My brother, sister and I were all at work (we work together), and we took him downstairs to talk about things, and as we were talking, we gave him the watch. His reaction was shocked. He did not know what was happening, especially since he got the gift so shortly after our birthday.. so he was very confused.

Freddy opening up his Treehut all wood, bamboo, leather watch

Have you been to San Francisco and if so, where is your favorite place to go?

We live in San Jose, and love visiting San Francisco. There are too many places I love there. The entire city is awesome... but my favorite spot would have to be Golden Gate Bridge, and all the sightseeing places around it near the bridge. I love the view of the bridge on a sunny day and even on a cloudy day. Then again, I think I love Alcatraz too... so the choices are hard. Haight Street is also a really fun place to go! San Francisco is awesome.. .this question is hard. :)

If money wasn’t an issue, what would your next outdoor adventure be?

Hmm... I would love to go traveling through Europe. I’d take a couple people with me, and go traveling with a camera in hand and my favorite few people by my side. I love being outdoors. My ideal adventure would be somewhere I can hike with waterfalls, beautiful scenery, sunsets, great food, and nice people.

Freddy, Veronique, and Dominique

We love to see siblings supporting each other. Thanks for the wonderful story, Veronique!

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1 comment on Engraving Spotlight: A Story of Sibling Love

  • Ingrid
    IngridOctober 27, 2017

    Hi, want to share the engraving story but can’t find where, so I’m posting it here. A while back I was at a museum with my loved one. I felt really dizzy all at once, and asked if he could hold me. He responded with “I will always hold you, baby”. My watch for him now reads “I will always hold you too”. ❤

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