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4 Ways to Adventure Right Now

4 Ways to Adventure Right Now

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It’s almost spring -- good vibes, good weather, good music festivals -- and you’re sitting on your computer. Why not take a break from the Internet and adventure right now? ...well, right after reading this post. :)

1. Hang Out with Your Precious Pup


You are your dog’s favorite person in the world, so spend some quality time with him! If you live near a beach, dogs love to splash around in the water and bury their noses in the sand. Plus, many beaches are pet friendly all year. Remember, if it’s hot outside, bring water and shade for you and your pooch, and don’t forget that their paws are sensitive to hot sand.

Oh, and your Treehut watch is totally splash-proof. ;)


2. “X Marks the Spot”: Try Geocaching

If you don’t have an animal companion, don’t fret! Sometimes the best adventures are spent alone. is a site that, with the help of your smartphone, sends you on outdoor treasure hunts. With their app, you can track “caches” based on GPS coordinates. Just plug in your address on the website to look for goods stashed near you. Some people have even found lots of cash. Super lucky.


3. Step Inside the Library

Pictured: Tree Hut Boyd Watch

Maybe you haven’t read a book since high school or college. That’s okay -- that’s what makes the library the perfect place to explore. The library doesn’t only hold books; most libraries offer amazing CD and movie collections as well. Many libraries host other cool events -- book signings, film nights, concerts, poetry slams, adult classes -- for FREE. You can also have your own adventure just reading a book. Remember the days when you got sucked into the fantastical land of Hogwarts or the eerie atmosphere of Castlerock? Relive those! You can easily spend the whole day among the books.


4. Bike Somewhere Random

It’s no secret biking is part of the California lifestyle. Some of us at Treehut even bike to work! Not only is biking an ecofriendly alternative to driving, it’s also key for killer legs (and a healthy cardiac system).

The best part about biking, however, is that it allows you truly explore the local. Driving doesn’t let you truly see anything, except maybe when you’re stopped in traffic and have ample time to look at the trash on the side of the road.  But biking allows you to see everything in detail and to truly appreciate what’s around you. It’s amazing.

What’s your favorite last-minute adventure? Tell us in the comments!

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