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5 Creative Ways to Add a Touch of Nature to Your Wedding

5 Creative Ways to Add a Touch of Nature to Your Wedding

Accessories for Your Wedding -- Nature, Wood, Woodland, Nymph, Etc.

The wedding season is upon us and loads of brides and grooms-to-be are opting for outdoor weddings. Others are opting to bring nature indoors. Wherever the setting – weather indoor or outdoor- adding a touch of nature to your wedding day is classically romantic. If Integrating nature into your wedding setting is important, you probably already have ideas on bouquet and table settings, but what about accessories? Here’s five ways to add nature to your wedding accessories. (Guys don’t worry; we have accessory suggestions for your too!) 

1. Nature Mani 

Your wedding days is an accumulation of months or even years of preparation. No detail is too small, no detail is overlooked. So when you’re ready for a manipedi take some inspiration from the following photo.

      2. Crystal Crown

      Veils are traditional and add a delicate touch to your wedding dress. They originated to protect the bride’s purity and ward off evil spirit enchantment. When Victorian times incorporate the archaic tradition, the veil became a symbol of status. Now veils are more of a finishing touch and some brides choose to go without. If you’d prefer to follow tradition, the featured image showing a veil with attached crystal crown is a twist on tradition. If you’d like to forgo wearing the veil, consider replacing it with a stand-alone crystal crown. (Both crowns found on IG @elemental_child)

          3. Hair Décor 

          If Crystal Crowns aren’t fitting your style; try adding a bit of nature to your hair. Skip the real flowers and go for synthetic materials like below. These two hair accessories are as gorgeous as pristine nature but won’t break down in your hair.


            4. Wooden Ring

            Wooden groom rings are growing with popularity probably due to their clean, unique look.


            5. Wooden Memento

            Not into wooden rings?  Men can still add a touch of nature to their suits with a handmade wooden watch. Commemorate your special day and thank your closest friends and family with a personal engraved message on the watch back. (IG photo from @treehutco)


            For more ways to add a nature to your wedding decor, check out 9 ESSENTIALS FOR A NATURE INSPIRED WEDDING. Haven't booked a venue yet? Check out BEST OUTDOOR WEDDING VENUES IN THE U.S.

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