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Compared to the chemical-intensive processes involved in traditional leather tanning, cactus leather production typically uses eco-friendly methods that minimize environmental pollution and hazardous waste generation. This helps mitigate the negative impacts of leather manufacturing on air, water, and soil quality.

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Classic Collection

Simple three-hands with Japanese movement, raw and free. The most economical and popular Treehut piece. Feel free to select dial material, hands and even dial design.

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Odyssey Collection

A laid-back fusion of nature and flair with with a hint of seriousness. The dial, available in either warm wood or sleek marble, adds a touch of relaxed sophistication to your everyday look. Roman numerals keep the design classic, and the three hands keep it simple for hours, minutes, and seconds. A discreet date function, seamlessly blends practicality with style.

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North Black Ebony Blue Men's Chrono Wooden Watch

North Chronograph Collection

Inspired by our rugged Northern California coast, the North Collection features Treehut's signature all-wood take on the classic men's chronograph. This collection combines Treehut's distinctive design philosophy with the precision and reliability associated with Seiko movements, offering a unique and quality timekeeper.

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