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Why are Ebony Wooden Watches The Most Luxurious?
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Why are Ebony Wooden Watches The Most Luxurious?

Ebony wood is perhaps one of the most sought-after wood varieties out there. Due to the deep black hardwood’s look and no grain texture, it is also referred to as the million-dollar tree. 

The wood has natural oils that respond very well to finishes like polishing, etc., and that’s Ebony wood watches and even wooden sunglasses are trendy. 

Materials like gold, steel, silver, and other metals are becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to mine. Not to mention their environmental impact is also a matter of concern. 

In these circumstances, hardwoods like sandalwood and ebony are coming back in trend and offering an eco-friendly alternative. However, it is still good to know that ebony trees are precious and, nowadays, often endangered due to high demand. 

The Best Treehut Ebony Wood Watches For Him

At Treehut, we use precious Ebony wood carefully without the minimum amount of waste to create timeless wooden watches that are a class apart. Let’s look at some of our best ebony wood watches. 

1. Immortal Ebony Black Automatic 

The Treehut Immortal series is a class apart and one of our most luxurious creations. The Miyota 8N24-21 jewel movement powers the watches in this series. This watch features a stainless steel case detailed with an ebony wood inlay and an integrated wood inlay on the open dial framework. 

The back case showcases the inner working of the watch, which gives the design a robust finish. The design is completed with a black padded embossed strap made with high-quality genuine calf leather.

The strap comes with seamless release pins so you can switch out the strap easily as you go from day to night. Every watch in this series is created for the adventurous yet classy man. 

2. Classic Multi-function Ebony Monochrome 

The classic collection defines the Treehut brand and is at the heart of the brand’s motto and conception. The multi-function series is a step up in our classic collection. It is designed for men who don’t shy away from adventure and appreciate classic movements that make each second even more exciting.

The Classic Multi-function Ebony Monochrome is a dark beauty crafted with ebony wood in a sunblast black color. The luminous hour markers are designed to stand out and be visible in dark conditions. The watch is striking and lightweight to wear throughout the day and night.

3. Tao Marble Ebony Monochrome 

The Tao collection is our ode to the balance of nature through the concept of yin and yang or Tao (The Way). These watches are designed in a perfect harmony of natural wood and stone or marble. The stainless steel strip cuts through the middle of the dial. The 3D bar markings are added across the dial. 


The Tao Marble Ebony Monochrome is a beautiful dark creation that features a natural ebony wood and black marble dial enclosed in a stainless steel case and a layered ebony wood construct. The subdials are featured vertically with military time and date details, a black stainless steel strip in the center, and black bar markings. 

The black three-link stainless steel and ebony wood band accentuates the overall finish. 

The Best Treehut Ebony Wood Watches For Her

1. Theory Ebony Black 

We’ve carefully designed the Theory collection for the modern woman of the day who is delicate yet confident at the same time. The Theory Ebony Black comes with a subtly carved dial made with dark hues of ebony wood. 

The hour markings are also added in a sensuous rose gold color with minute markings. The date marker is added as a subtle detail at 6 o’clock. The smart band adds more delicacy to the overall look. The watch is perfect for casual everyday wear as well as special occasions. 

2. Solstice Ebony Rose Gold 

The California sun is our endless inspiration for the Solstice collection, and each watch in this collection shines through, staying true to its muse. The Solstice Ebony Rose Gold features a rose gold colored dial with sunray patterned markings. 

There is a subtle date marking at 3 o’clock. These exquisite details are enclosed in a delicate ebony wood case and band. The watch is perfect for a woman who appreciates the value and look of a gorgeous accessory. 

3. Lola Ebony Rose Gold 

We love doing the unconventional. The Lola collection is a tribute to that love with a gorgeous rectangular case instead of the usual round one. The black number-free dial and the rose gold stainless steel band with ebony wood onlay are perfect for day-to-night wear. This watch is a small piece of nature on your wrist. 

Every Treehut watch is a tiny piece of luxury in itself. We use every grain of the Ebony wood we source to ensure our watches are sustainable. Our Ebony wood watches are wonders in themselves. They’re perfect for everyday and formal wear and make the most exquisite gifts. 

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