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Klassisches Multifunktions-Walnuss-Ebenholz

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Gravuroptionen: Watch Alone
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  • Die Classic Collection ist das Herzstück der Marke Treehut und wird Sie niemals enttäuschen. Die Classic Multifunction ist eine Weiterentwicklung unserer Classic Collection und fügt Funktionen hinzu, um den Bedürfnissen derjenigen gerecht zu werden, die die Mechanik beweglicher Teile schätzen, um sie bei ihrem nächsten Abenteuer weiterzubringen. Es verfügt über ein doppelschichtiges Holzgehäuse, dimensionale Zifferblattkonstruktionen mit Hauptkalender, elegante leuchtende Stundenmarkierungen und Zeiger für bessere Sichtbarkeit bei schwachem Licht.

    Diese klassische Multifunktionsuhr aus Walnuss-Ebenholz mit einem sonnengestrahlten schwarzen Multifunktionszifferblatt mit walnussfarbenen Superlum-Markierungen und -Zeigern ist handgefertigt aus Ebenholz und Walnussholz mit gezahnten Kanten, um ein atemberaubendes Leichtgewicht zu sein tägliches Abenteuerstück.

    • Handgefertigt in San Francisco, USA
    • Uhr und Uhrenarmband aus echtem Holz
    • Japanisches Quarzwerk
    • Dreifachfaltschließe aus Edelstahl mit Druckknöpfen
    • Minimalistisches Design
    • Strapazierfähig und langlebig


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Treehut, das vor 6 Jahren in einer Tiefgarage in San Francisco gegründet wurde, ist das Team, das Pionierarbeit geleistet und sich dem Design und der individuellen Gestaltung von über 500 Designs von von der Natur inspirierten Zeitmessern und Accessoires verschrieben hat.
Case Size 45MM
Case Thickness 10.5MM
Interchangeable Strap No
Movement Japanese Miyota 6P29 Movement
Case Material Real Wood
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We warranty all merchandise against defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months from the date of shipping, and we will issue an exchange for a new product.

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Intricate Design

This collection offers solid details on the bezel, strap, inner bezel, and dial construction, providing exceptional value and a unique personality that appeals to watch enthusiasts.

Explore Classic Multifunction Collection

Bezel Design

The great mastery of wood work with a double-layered edge wood case with gear shape for the case.

Multifunction Movement

Powered by the Japanese Miyota 6P29 movement with three subdials displaying the day, date, and 24-hour time. This collection is a step up for our signature Classic Collection designed for those who seek functionality on their adventures.

Versatile Style

Carefully engineered for durability and styled for everyday elegance, these timepieces seamlessly transition from your active lifestyle to casual outings.

Night Lum

With night luminescence on the markings and hands, it effortlessly transforms into your trusty companion during camping escapades. Let the watch guide your way in the dark while adding it as a useful tool to your outdoor adventures.

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Wear the Change

Sustainable Elegance

Immerse yourself in the essence of sustainability with our wooden watches — not merely accessories, but a conscious lifestyle. Harvested from responsibly sourced wood, each timepiece is a testament to our commitment to the environment. By choosing a Treehut watch, you're not just carrying a piece of nature; you're making a statement for sustainable living. Every tick is a reminder of the delicate balance we share with the planet, creating a harmonious connection between elegance and eco-conscious choices.

 Aesthetic Harmony

Matte, sunray dials with color options are designed to match with the wood tones used in each watch to bring harmony with the wood elements.

10 Years In The Making

About Treehut

Treehut is not only a brand; it's a philosophy that intertwines nature, craftsmanship, and timeless style. Born from the simple idea that watches can be more than just timekeepers, we have carved our niche by creating unique and sustainable timepieces with innovation.

The watches are designed to be more than fashion statements; they are a reflection of the wearer's commitment to authenticity and a sustainable lifestyle.

Treehut has been in the same family of Joe and Julia for the past decade - managing all tasks from design to production with attention to all the details.

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How much do you charge shipping?

Simply add your desired items to the cart, and voila! You'll be able to view the shipping charges based on your specified location. And for our global friends, yes, we offer international shipping through DHL as well. 🌐📦✈️

Do you make watches in USA?

Yes, we do! Within our in-house team of skilled watchmakers, we take pride in crafting your customized timepieces. Once you've designed your watch with us, we commit to the meticulous production and dispatch of your order within 1-2 business days from our California studio.

How endurable are wood watches?

Well-made Treehut wood watches can be durable and provide a unique and stylish alternative to traditional materials. Proper care is essential for maintaining the durability of a wood watch. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, excessive moisture, or prolonged sunlight. Regularly clean and condition the wood to preserve its appearance.

Is this watch water proof?

Treehut wood watches are treated with protective coatings to make them resistant to water splashes, but they are typically not designed for prolonged exposure to water. The term "water splash proof" suggests that the watch can withstand occasional contact with water, such as rain or minor splashes, without being damaged. However, it's important to note that wood watches are not generally intended for activities like swimming, diving, or prolonged immersion in water.

Where is Treehut studio located?

Located in the picturesque Bay Area of California, our studio draws inspiration from the natural wonders that surround us— the sea and the mountains. Join us on a journey inspired by the elements, where the rhythm of the waves and the steadfastness of the mountains converge to create timepieces that resonate with the beauty of nature.

How many years has Treehut been around?

For over a decade, Treehut has been at the forefront of redefining the art of watchmaking, infusing each timepiece with a decade's worth of dedication, innovation, and passion. Since our inception, we've embarked on a journey to create more than just watches; we craft stories, moments, and an enduring connection with our community. As we reflect on the past decade, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal patrons, collaborators, and the global community that has embraced the Treehut ethos. Here's to the next chapter, where time continues to be our canvas, and each watch carries forward the legacy of a decade marked by craftsmanship, sustainability, and the timeless beauty of nature. Thank you for being a part of our journey. 🌳⌚🎉

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