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That's the number of people on our planet who live without clean and safe water.

Every day, women and children who lack access to clean water spend hours walking, carrying large cumbersome containers lashed to their bodies, only to find and collect dirty water for their families, the only water available. These communities suffer needlessly, and we aim to help them where we can at the very heart of things, with time and water….

50 percent of the retail price

For every charity: water edition watch sold Treehut will donate 50% of the retail price to help build a water well for a community, families just like ours. Together, you, Treehut, and charity: water create a path for a brighter life lived, one drop at a time, one watch at a time, one community at a time.

100% of public donations made to charity: water  provide clean water to those in need around the world. Every project is visible on Google Maps with GPS coordinates, photos and videos about the communities served.

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