Top Tree Hut Watches You'll Love

Love our watches, but don’t know what to pick out for your loved one (or yourself)? With so many of our great options we can totally understand the struggle of picking out that perfect style. Well we have got you covered! We have the exclusive list of our most popular watches for men and women. We also decided to throw in a bonus of top engravings if you are looking for some inspiration.

Top 3 Watches for Men

  • Nova
  • Coming in as our top most purchased watch we have the Nova. The Nova design is one of our more classic looks with a bamboo wood and equipped with high quality Japan quartz movement. The strap is made with genuine leather and is sure to make any look complete.

  • All Ebony Theo Blue
  • Coming in second we have our sleek black ebony all wooden watch with a stainless steel tri-fold clasp with push buttons. Our All Ebony Theo Blue design is a sophisticated accessory that goes with any look or adventure.

  • Boyd
  • Coming in third for our top men’s watches is our Boyd style. The Boyd design is made from real bamboo wood and includes high quality soft genuine leather for your everyday wear. The minimalist design is a trend that will always be in style.

    Top 3 Watches for Women

  • Classic
  • Our top watch for women the Classic wooden watch. This design is a hit with its bamboo wood and brown leather strap with unique red stitching. This style looks great outdoors and with any outfit!

  • Boyd Small
  • Coming in second we have our Boyd small style. This watch is a smaller version of our popular Boyd watch. This watch includes a bamboo wooden body with a leather stylish strap.

  • Rouge Small
  • Our third most popular women’s watch is a unique design that is sure to be a head turner! Our Rouge Small design is a beautiful rosewood wooden watch with a genuine leather strap.

    Top 3 Engravings

    1. “They fell into a mutual weirdness and called it love”
    2. “To long romantic walks to the bar”
    3. “To a lifetime of adventure”

    All of our top watches are durable and long lasting which makes it the perfect gift. Head on over to our website to check out several other great styles. You can also click directly on a style to be redirected to your favorite watch. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to always keep up to date with the newest styles and the best engraving inspirations.

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