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Blog > Romantic Engravings We Love: My lobster. My love. My always.

Romantic Engravings We Love: My lobster. My love. My always.

My Lobster My Love My Always

Engraving personalized messages on our watches is undoubtedly a special quality of Treehut. We see hundreds of engravings each week. So many touch our hearts with romantic dedications such as, “for all of time.” Then occasionally, an engraving not only warms our faces with a smile, but also makes us wonder, “Where did that come from?”


When we saw Amanda’s order, it was so unique, yet vaguely familiar, “My. Lobster. My Love. My Always.” Amanda ordered the watch as a Valentine’s day gift for her boyfriend Matt. ”I wanted to get him something he could wear everyday. ( It took everything I had not to get one of the couple sets)” but she didn’t want to take focus away from his gift.  At the time, the two had freshly defined themselves as a couple, though they had been friends for years.

boyd black leather band

Two years ago the pair met at work, “I don't think love at first sight is exactly what is was, but I certainly noticed him”  They developed a friendship. Over the years he always came to her birthday and each time gave her a flirty birthday kiss on the cheek. Then 8 months ago, they began dating. “Over Summer, we just grew close, realizing this could be something pretty great, and it is.”  

Amanda & Matt

Amanda told us, “it could be challenging to make the best of our opposite work schedules, I work during the week, and he works on weekends, which makes it tough, but when we do see each other it's the best ... I think our opposite schedules really makes us appreciate the time we do get to spend together."

This appreciation and value of their time together is what makes it hard for Amanda to determine their best day together. “We have had multiple "best" days ... but a day that was great, and exciting was when we went to cut down our first Christmas tree together. We drove out east (we live on Long Island, NY) and this was my first time actually cutting down the tree, so I was really excited. It took us hours ... and we thought we found the perfect tree, but when we got home, it took over 3/4 of my living room! It was the fattest tree we have ever seen! But it was the best day, coming home making mimosas and decorating our very first, very large, VERY prickly Christmas tree.”

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We asked Amanda if there was a moment of realization that she had fallen in love with Matt. She replied,Oof ... Lets just say I had to ask him if I talked in my sleep (because I dreamt of saying I love you ) and I was nervous I was going to say it in my sleep! I realized I loved him pretty quickly. He's always been a great friend, and even when we were dating casually he always wanted the best for me ... he's my Lobster!”

Are you still wondering where the engraving quote comes from? It’s not exactly an original quote by Amanda since “my lobster” comes from a 1990 to early 2000s hit tv show. Amanda tells us, “It's our thing. We watch friends every night, and in an episode that is of course focused on Ross & Rachel, Phoebe tells Ross that Rachel is his lobster. One day, I was scrolling through instagram, and I came across a Friends meme, and I thought "hey, Matt's my lobster" I sent him that meme, and he laughed, and understood without explanation ... since then we've been each other's lobsters.” 

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